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Make Him Propse to You Spell
Please let me know your full name, date of birth, his full name and date of birth, the history between you two and what you want from this spell!
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Price: $24.95
Prod. Code: Make Him Propose

Have you found Mr. Right?

Do you want him to marry you?

Do you know you and him are soul mates and are destined to be together forever?

Have you been thinking about how you would like him to propose?

Do you know he loves you, but know he needs an extra push to ask for your hand in marriage?

Are you ready to make him the happiest man ever?

Are you ready to take this next step and want to make sure he is too?

Do you want to make sure you can have him forever and will not lose him?

This spell will help ensure that even the most stubborn men will open up and let their hearts decide that they are ready for marriage. They will be given signs and dreams letting them know you are the right women for him and that they need to marry you so they do not lose you! This spell is strong and is very powerful and will be cast on your behalf by all the members in Life Spirits. We have been responsible for many marriages and would love to add you to our list of happy couples!

I will cast this spell for you as many times as you buy it. If you buy it once, I will cast it once, If you buy it four times, I will cast it four times and so on. Remember the more times a spell is casted, the more powerful it is and the faster you will see results.