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100% Customized Wealth Spell
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Price: $149.95
Prod. Code: 100% Customized Wealth

This is the best wealth spell you could ever get! It will be 100% customized for you!

We will use a lock of your hair, your picture and a outline of your situation and what you are looking for. You will need to send this to us after you are done purchasing, I will email you to ensure you know where to send it.

Before you send out your items, you and I will have a email consultation to go over what your situation is, what you need, and when the best moon cycle is to do it.

The day before the casting our psychic Vera will figure out what your financial future holds so we can use magick to make sure things that are negative do not come true and so we can figure out the exact words to write to ensure success and money come to you faster.

Every single one of our coven members will write and perform a spell for you that is customized for you and to ensure wealth comes swiftly and on a large scale. This whole thing will be designed for you and so no one else will get the same spells and service you do! :-)