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Venus Love Spell Revival Spell

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Last month we went though a Venus Retrograde that has knocked many of us off our feet when it comes to our relationships. Thankfully Venus goes direct on the 15th and with the Mercury Retrograde just around the corner, this is the best time to renew the energy of our love spells and relationships since there could be a bit of residual energy lingering from the Retrograde that we might want to brush off. You should feel the weight of the past several weeks lifting off your shoulders once this is cast for you. 

This spell will be cast after Venus goes direct and we will boost all your past love spells. Please send me your full name, your target's full name and both of your DOB to If you've had any problems particularly with your love life during this past Venus and Mercury Retrograde, please let me know so that I can take it into account when I write up your spell for you. Pictures also help so please include them if available.