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Lucky St. Patrick's Day New Moon Boost!!

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On March 17th we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the New Moon together!! This would be the perfect opportunity to get any spellwork boosted that needs extra luck!! The luck of the Irish will be with us all night and so we will also let you pick out a free Irish Luck spell per order of this listing to be done on your behalf! Just let us know which free spell you'd like along with the list of 5 spells (per listing order) you'd like to get boosted!

Keep in mind that this is an excellent time to get new spells done up as well! The energy from the New Moon and the added luck from St. Patrick will be quite strong during this night, so if there is any spells you've had your eye on, this is the time to get them done! I'd focus on wealth spells, luck spells and love spells during this time since these are the types of spells that will benefit the most from this combination of energies! :-)


Here is the list of free spells you can choose from:

*Kiss of the Irish (a love spell to give you luck in love)

*Pot of Gold (a wealth spell to give you luck with wealth and abundance)

*Lucky Four Leaf Clover (a luck spell to give you general luck and good karma)


Please send me the list of 5 spells you'd like boosted (per listing, so if you want more than 5, get as many of these listings that add up to the number of spells boosted you'd like done) and also give me the name of the free spell(s) you'd like to get done up on your behalf.

I, (Robin) will get back with you on Monday, March 19th (more than likely late at night) and let you know how things went with your boosts. Don't worry if you don't hear from me before we do your boosts since I don't typically email people to let them know I have them on the schedule since you'll know you're on the schedule by submitting and paying for your order. As long as you've got everything to me at before we start casting which is usually at 9 or 10 pm CST time, you've got nothing to worry about! ;-)