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Friday the 13th Good Luck Spell Bundle

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Friday the 13th Good Luck Spell Bundle

This month we get to use the energy from the super lucky Friday the 13th while we still have left over energy from a New Moon Solar Eclipse! This is a very special time to take advantage of for anything regarding LUCK and boy will we need it when we go into the official Mercury Retrograde on the 25th!

This luck spell bundle will last for 13 days!!! Since we decided to bundle all these together to save you money, we are only charging $10 per day of casting which is an incredible value for what you will be getting!! Also, if you're counting, the last spell officially ends the first day of the Mercury Retrograde. This is obviously no coincidence!! Friday the 13th is 13 days before the Mercury Retrograde! Pretty neat, right? The Universe knows what it is doing! So we will cover 13 different areas of luck for you so we can get as much out of this spell bundle for you as possible.

Here is what we will be casting on for you each day:

Day 1: We start off giving you a aura cleanse and a general luck spell to kick off this special casting event for you. We want to make sure everything we are about to do sticks and manifests perfectly for us!

Day 2: We focus on healing. We heal your body, mind, and soul and end with a luck spell for good health overall.

Day 3: This is the day we will focus on your love life. We will make sure any bad luck and blocks are cleared off you and give you a big dose of luck for your love pursuits and relationships.

Day 4: Wealth is the focus tonight! We will give you a heaping amount of luck to have money and wealth become attracted to you and flock to you from any possible avenue including games of luck and chance.

Day 5: We will focus on protection. We want to make sure that everything you do, you have your guardian angel keeping his/her eye on you and our magick blocking anything or anyone who would wish you harm.

Day 6: Today we focus on beauty! We will ask for you to have the body you want including healthy skin, teeth, and hair. We will wave our magick wand over you to give you extra luck in making sure everything you put in and on your body works over time to make you feel and look absolutely beautiful.

Day 7: Tonight's casting for you will be for higher intellect and to wisdom. Most people neglect this part of themselves, but this is one area that will actually help you in every other area in your life so it's very important to feed your brain! This spell will give you extra luck in this area.

Day 8: We will be focusing on opportunities, success and new doors opening up for you on the 8th night of casting! We will ask for luck to come your way and bring you to the top and allow you to progress effortlessly in anything you decide to undertake.

Day 9: Popularity and friendship are the focus for tonight! We will ask for luck in bringing you new friends and plenty of people who will admire and fit you perfectly. We will also ask for other friendships and relationships that have gone sour in your past to start healing so you can either move on or rekindle depending on what you feel is best for you.

Day 10: Our focus tonight is on family!! We want to bring those who you are related to either through blood or choice to the table to heal any past wounds and to encourage happy and better relationships with each other. We will give the whole family unit a luck spell to ensure everyone does better together.

Day 11: We focus tonight on patience, hope, happiness and peace! These are some of the things that you need to work on in order for your spellwork to manifest for you like we want. So we will give you a helping hand and use our energy tonight to bring you extra luck and extra strength in this area for you.

Day 12: The big one for tonight is communication!! One of the reason's why we give this it's own day is because communication is a big issue when the Mercury Retrograde hits and since it will be hitting the next day, we want to make sure we are giving you a extra dose of luck with your communication and understanding other people during this time.

Day 13: On our last day of casting, we round of everything by boosting everything we just did and asking for extra luck not just during this Mercury Retrograde, but for the rest of the year! We will close everything off with a protection spell.

Since we are already dealing with 5 other planetary Retrogrades right now, for some of us who are more sensitive, this Mercury Retrograde will throw them over the edge. If you are one of these individuals, consider getting the Mercury Retrograde Survival Spell to get cast along with this one to really amp up the energy and instead of making this Mercury Retrograde something you merely survive, and we will ask that your luck actually increases because of it!!

Please email Robin ( with your name, date of birth, and what things you are most concerned about and are wishing for, for each of these 13 days so we can customize these spells all for you to maximize your results!

Please also include a picture of yourself and anyone else (romantic target, friends, family, etc) that we will be casting on if you have them since we will print them off and use on our alter. The more we have the better this spellwork will be for you! We love getting lots of information and pictures!!