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Dark Spirit Curse

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Just a quick note before I explain this spell... there is some karmatic effect if you use this spell on a person who does not deserve it! So make sure that this person you curse deserves it and has wronged you in some way. Otherwise I'd skip it. You will be totally fine as long as you follow those rules when using this spell.

This is a sinister but not physically harming spell to drive a person crazy and make their life miserable! We will curse them with a nasty spirit who will taunt them, scare them, make them lose everything they care about, and ultimately cause a lot of emotional trauma to get back at them for the pain and misery they have caused to you. You can decide the degree of misfortune they receive or ask for specific (as long as it is not physical) curses to be done on them. I will customize this and give you free range. I am the only person who does these types of curses in the coven since they are my specialty and I am quite practiced at them.

Please send me their picture, their name, birthdate if you have it, what they did to hurt or wrong you (details help since I need to feel your pain in order to put the required passion into this!), what you want to happen to them or if you don't want to be part of there punishment let me know if you give me and the spirit free range. Email me these details to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with subject line: ATTN Audra.

Also this spell can be reversed if you change your mind later on.