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Goddess Guidance Card Reading

Please write your question (please state if you'd instead like to receive guidance from the universe instead of a question), full name, and date of birth here or include it with your picture to
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This is my favorite deck. I have a feeling many of you will be as drawn to it as I am. One of my favorite things besides it's amazing accuracy, is the fact almost any question can be answered though it. This is the perfect deck to choose if you are wanting to know what your next day, week, or month looks like. It will tell you which Goddesses are working for you right now and what they have to say about your current life journey. I do a three card, one month spread each new moon with this deck and it always gives me plenty to think about while setting me on the right path for the next month going forward.

Please keep to one subject per reading. If you have more than one subject, please get as many readings as needed per subject. For instance, if you are wanting to know about your love life and your finances, those are two subjects and require two readings.

Please send me a picture of yourself which I will display on my phone when I do your reading, along with your name and date of birth. I will take a picture of your spread and email you a detailed description of your reading and what this means in response to your question.