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Healing with the Fairies Card Reading

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One of the things I love about this deck is that it comes up with a game plan for healing your body, mind, relationships, and anything else that you need some extra TLC for in your life. This is the best deck to use in conjunction with the law of attraction since it will tell you what to do to get or keep your energy where it needs to be for spell manifestation. When people I care about are going through a hard time, this is the deck I go to so that I can find them some guidance to set them on the right path. I love that it gives a big dose of hope while teaching you how to love and heal yourself. Each card also comes with a affirmation for you to use which I absolutely love about this deck.

This deck will reveal to you any messages the Universe has specific to your journey. You don't need to ask any questions and it's actually not recommended with this deck. This deck is specifically made for you to open your mind and heart so you can receive guidance from the universe. I believe a weekly or monthly spread is perfect with this deck, especially since it comes with a affirmation with each card. You can use these affirmations throughout the week or month while you focus on what you need to do to keep up your good energy. Just order the number of cards you'd like to be read for you and I will get you your message from the universe.

Please send me a picture of yourself which I will display on my phone when I do your reading, along with your name and date of birth. I will take a picture of your spread and email you a detailed description of your reading and what this means specifically to you.