We wanted to celebrate our roots and are offering a selection of powerful spells that are done inexpensively (single candle cast) and are put on a charm that will be sent to you once the spell is done. These spells are powerful but since we are using less materials and less time, we are able to offer them to you at a great rate.

There are a few things different about these spells than the other spells on our site, so please take note of this before buying.

1. All of these spells will include shipping in the price if you live in the United States (please email us for a shipping quote before buying if you life outside the US.) If you buy and you are outside the US, you will be given a shipping quote and invoice through paypal, if you don't pay it within 2 days, you will get a full refund. 

2. All spells are cast without any specifications (no questionnaire to fill out) and work for the first person who open's the package and follows activation instructions (sent with your charm.)

3. You wont get any updates or emails about these charms unless you buy them with with other spells not on this page. You'll only get a order conformation sent automatically when you place any order.

4. It takes 1-2 weeks before we cast, prepare, bless, package and send out your order. Please email me if you've not received it after 20 days.