We have several pieces of jewelry that you can get just because you think they are pretty or have your spells added to them so that you can have a little more control of the energy. Each piece is blessed and has it's own unique energies, but once we add your spells they are going to truly be customized to fit you and combine with your own vibration as a tool to bring you the best results.

To add an existing spell it will cost $3 per spell to add onto each piece of jewelry, you can get several pieces of jewelry and add the energy from the spells onto each item if you want. You will also be able to get additional new spells added for only $3 extra on top of the fee of the new spell. Once we charge and are able to channel the energy from your magick jewelry we will be able to recast and put the energy of any new spells on them for you. We will give instructions on how to do this when we send you your jewelry. So for each existing spell you want added, please choose the $3 add a spell option per spell you choose. Later on if you buy a new spell and want it added onto your jewelry, we can get those casted onto your jewelry for you.

We normally don't charge for shipping here, but these will have a shipping charge with them. Since check out is not programmed for shipping, you will need to add a shipping fee onto them by choosing one of three options:

If you live in the US, S&H will be $5.90

If you live in Canada, S&H will be $8.90

If you live anywhere else, S&H will be $14.90

Please select the right shipping price for where you are located. You will get a update with a shipping number as soon as your jewelry is sent out and this price covers your whole order no matter how many pieces you buy. Est. time for us to add spells and drop package in the mail is 1 week for less than 10 spells added and 2 weeks for more than 10 spells added onto jewelry. Again you don't have to get any spells added if you don't want to.

So here are the steps you need to take to get these:

1. Place items you like in your cart and make sure to add in the notes on each item what spells (if any) you wanted added. If you forget to tell us what spells you want on each piece, you can email it to us when you are done.

2. If you want to add past spells onto your jewelry, buy as many of the $3 added spell fee's you need for as many spells you want onto your jewelry. You only need to do this per spell, not per piece if you want more than one piece of jewelry to have the same spell added onto it. Example: You buy a ring and some earrings and want 4 preexisting spells added onto both items. You only need to get 4- $3 add a spell fees since we will add them at the same time to both pieces.

3. Pick out your shipping option.

4. Email us with your order and paypal transaction number and we will get back to you in a few days to confirm and let you know when your jewelry will be done up and sent out to you.

I know this is a new process and so please feel free to email us at