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Super Moon Forgiveness and Healing Rune

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Forgiveness and Healing Love Super Moon Rune


This is a much grander scale forgiveness spell than what we have offered in the past. One thing I realized is that a lot of people who want forgiveness also need to forgive as well. So this spell work was created to heal both people and to allow both to forgive each other and even themselves if it is necessary. When using the law of attraction, one of the most important things is to let go of past hurt. Sometimes that is easier said than done! This spell is designed to:


  • Let each other move forward from past mistakes
  • Find peace with each other
  • Forgive and heal past hurts
  • Stop any arguing
  • Re-build trust
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Release negative emotions
  • Create harmony
  • Mellow out extremes in personalities
  • Release deeply buried negative emotions to the universe
  • Remove guilt
  • Stop dwelling in the past and help to live in the moment
  • Reach an agreement if one is needed
  • Encourage authenticity
  • Get rid of any victim mentalities
  • Bring order
  • Release old relationships which might be holding one or both of you back
  • Keep each other going even though you might feel emotionally battered
  • Promote compassion, sympathy and understanding
  • Help with indecision
  • Reduce obsessive suspicion
  • Promote self forgiveness
  • Calm excessive emotion
  • Calm nerves, over sensitivity, and tension, and replace with love

If you have any feelings of frustration or resentment towards the person whom you are trying to get back or fix things with, this is something you really need to consider dealing with since it does work against the law of attraction. Also it is the same if you feel guilty or upset with yourself because of past mistakes you've done. So make sure that no matter what, you do look into yourself and see if this is going to be something that has held you back or is holding you back. Always try to work with the law of attraction first and if you need some extra help, this spell will be exactly what you are needing.


This spell work is done on a supermoon forgiveness rune. So you will get something in the mail with this spell work.


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