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Bigger Booty Spell
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I've had many of you asking for this spell and here it is!! :-)

This spell is a lot like the bigger breast spell, but it is targeting the booty area. It will slowly increase tissue growth so you can have a nice rounded behind. All beauty spells take some time, but this is a good thing, you don't want stretch marks... believe me! Speaking of stretch marks... have you seen our flawless skin spell. ;-)

Please answer these questions:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

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Place of Birth:

How many inches is the largest part of your bottom (take a tape measure and wrap it around you):

What pants size are you currently:

How many inches would you like your bottom to be:

What pants size would you like to be:

Please include any pictures (with underwear on please!) :-) and any pictures of your dream booty so we can customize this for you! :-)

Even though you will be ask for a shipping address at check out, this spell does not come with anything that is sent out in the mail. :-)

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