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Voodoo Saint Valentine Spell

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This spell is performed for you by all us voodoo girls. We plan to drink wine and eat chocolates while doing your spell to celebrate all things Valentines day! Hmmmm, maybe you should do the same? Totally get in the mood. Candles and a bubble bath? Maybe not for us girls cause, that might be a bit weird (or not depending on how much wine we drink! lol), but you can totally have at it! (;

Voodoo practitioners work with the saints in a lot of their spells. St. Valentine is the patron saint of love.

The history of Saint Valentine is a bit macabre (what Saint's story isn't!?) but it does include boy's writing the name of their lovers on paper close to his death (hence the tradition of Valentine's Day cards). Since marriage at the time was outlawed by the ruler since he felt single men made better soldiers, St. Valentine would perform marriages in secret for young lovers. He was put to death for defying the ruler.

There is another legend saying that while in jail he fell in love with a young lady and would write her love letters. He would sign his letters "From your Valentine" Sound familiar? 

So as you can see there are a few fables surrounding St. Valentine but they are all quite sweet if you look past the fact he died for love. Oy! But the pope eventually decreed Feb 14th Valentine's Day and with that, we got a day to celebrate love (or for some, lack of it!) Ugh! So since a few of us voodoo girls are attached and a few single, we wanted to make sure all of you no matter your status could use this spell and find something to celebrate on the 14th.

We will use this spell to ask St. Valentine to bring you love if you are single or to bless you and your lover if you are attached. If you are after a specific special someone, let us know and we will ask for St. Valentine's blessing and to help. We will leave him a offering and will do a prayer to him on your behalf. This is a very old Voodoo ritual that was passed down to Raven's Tear from her teacher. So I am excited to try it out this year. Old spells are the best since they have history. 

So please email us your name, birthday, and your lovers (or lover you want) name and birthday. Or if your single, ask for it on your soulmate and we will do the rest for ya.