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F*ck Valentine's Day Voodoo Curse

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What's a Voodoo Valentine's Day special with out a little valentine's day naughtiness for ex lovers or those who are dating the person YOU should be with? lol Yes, I am mischievous, but you know you like it! (;

Yep I've gone though it. I have a few ex boyfriend's who are going to be the object of this spell as my special Vday gift to them this year. (; So it's only fair the rest of you get a taste of sweet revenge, cause you know, I like ya guys! (aren't you lucky!) lol

So this is especially for that person who you want to have a horrible Valentines Day and just a plan nasty time with love. Now don't get me wrong, this is not really a curse per say since we will not use spirits with this, but we will cause frustration and annoyance. Sex... ain't gonna happen. Conversations with their significant other... gonna take a really weird turn. We will make them stink, suck and just really be off their game in the romance area. Basically we will make everything in love for this month go terribly wrong. We will make sure this person starts questioning their luck at love and just want to go home alone. This person will want to just stay clear of anything that has to do with romance and you can just sit back and giggle at all the fuss you are causing.

Please fill out and send me back the answers to this questionnaire along with a picture if you have it. 

Name of the person this spell is going to be done on:

Their birthday if you know:

Are they a ex of your's:

Are they dating someone right now:

If so, do you know their name:

Are you interested in the person they are dating:

Why do you want to do this spell on them:


Send answers to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with subject line ATTN AUDRA.