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Mercury Retrograde Survival Spell

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This Mercury Retrograde begins Feb 16th and ends March 9th. We will be going though the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Pisces which will make us all very emotional, so keep that in mind if you aren't feeling quite yourself. If you happen to be a Pisces, I feel for you Hon, this might be a rough ride for you, so please make sure to get in touch with me for plenty of positive energy boosts!! Anything infused with Pisces tends to make us spacey and disconnected from our bodies, so remember to stay grounded during this time.

A lot of us are being hit very hard right now by the Mercury Retrograde. Communication and emotions are ALL over the place. Some of us feel anxious and feel as if giving up on hope. This is a key trademark of a Mercury Retrograde. Others can't seem to get anything done right, emails get lost, people you're hoping to hear from seem like they are ignoring you, or if they do talk to you, the conversation is very unsatisfying, electronics fizz out, and everyone driving on the road seem like they are rude or do not seem to know what the hell they are doing.

Emotions will be high and EVERYTHING will be off balance and we just can't seem to catch a break! This is a key trait of the Mercury Retrograde. Sound about right? So if you are having a hard time just pushing though each day, I have a really good solution... a spell to help calm the energy and nastiness that comes with the Mercury Retrograde. It will provide relief right away and will give you renewed hope and emotional strength. It will help you get through life till Mercury goes direct again. It has been a life saver to many here, and so I thought those of you having your own Mercury Retrograde problems would love the relief this spell provides!

 It is a good idea to refrain from any emotional conversations with loved ones, and if you do get hurt or offended by someone, make sure you take it with a grain of salt since their communication will be indelicate right now as well. This is one of the worst times to travel (issues like car trouble and traffic are likely), as well as one of the worst times to sign contracts since you might miss something because of communication problems. Another key trait of the Mercury Retrograde is having problems with your electronics. So during this time, make sure you don't make any big decisions as far as giving up hope on your love spells or changing jobs since you will regret it later on. If you find yourself emotional or anxious, just chalk it up to this retrograde since that more than likely is what is going on.


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