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Naughty Christmas Elf Voodoo Break Up Spell

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Audra has a really good Voodoo Break Up spell she does specifically at Christmas time since she uses ginger bread men as Voodoo Dolls to break up. She bakes the ginger bread men with Voodoo herbs specifically charged for this break up spell. This spell is done with extra powerful Voodoo Magick and is available till January 1st. Please send the answers to the questionnaire to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with "ATTN: Voodoo Team" as subject line. Please don't forget to send pictures if you have them.

Your Questions to answer and send back to Audra:

Name of person one:

Their Birthdate if known:

Name of person two:

Their Birthdate if known:

Please describe their relationship:

Please let us know why you wish to break them up: