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Year of the Rat Love Envelope For Massive Love Manifestation

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Our Chinese New Year Love Envelope is full of herbs, crystals, love symbols, and a special Year Of The Rat Rune which will be mixed with our Love Oil blend to provide you with luck in love during the year of the Rat! We will cast a massive manifestation for love spell and then send you everything in the mail for you to add your energy to your spellwork. When you get this in the mail, it will come with a pouch full of these goodies to add to your envelope and you will simply light a candle, say your spell to bind these to you (your spell will come in your package) and pour these into the provided envelope and include a list of all the things you are hoping for love wise in 2020 and seal your envelope! You can either include the rune in the envelope or keep it on you. You also have the choice to bury your envelope or to keep it somewhere special for you to focus on when you want to give it extra energy! :-) So you are a big part of this spell!
We also have a add on for your envelope which will include a gemstone cut amethyst, gemstone cut garnet, and a beautiful rose quartz that is carved into a rose. These will have an extra spell on them and you can add them to your envelope or keep them in the included little bag with your rune to keep with you. We will also upgrade your spell to a triple cast if you get the add on option.
Here are the crystals included in this envelope and what they do in this love envelope:
Amazonite- Enhances love and communication on all levels. Provides harmony and balance. It awakens compassion. It is connected to the heart chakra.
Amethyst (also included in the add-on)- Stone of pure, true and emotional love. Is used to increase commitment. Used to magnify beauty and attraction.
Aventurine- Connected to the heart chakra and is also a crystal of abundance, so is used to bring forth an abundance of love.
Moonstone- Brings success in love. It is used to reunite lovers. Is also excellent for new or first love. Inspires the heart. Encourages fidelity.

Rose Quartz (also included in the add-on)- Opens you up to love and helps you find what you are seeking for love-wise. Stone of unconditional love. Calming and reassuring. Restores trust.

Labradorite- A stone of transformation. Balances the aura. Attracts success and is used in this to attract success in love.

Rhodochrosite- Promotes unconditional love. Emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace.

Kunzite- Stone of emotion. Encourages the walls around your heart and the heart of your target to fall and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love. Relieves the pain of heartbreak.

Garnet (in the add-on only)- Used for love and passion. Enhances sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced fashion.


*No questionnaire is needed with this since YOU will be ending the spell. Full instructions will be included with your envelope. :-)