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November Full Moon Boost with Free Aura Cleanse!

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November 12th is the Full Moon and it's one that is packed with TONS of energy since we will have just spent 11/11 focusing on realigning our energy and ensuring our wishes are taken note of by the Universe! We also will have just gotten done with an incredible astrological event of the transit of Mercury across the sun which is interesting since we are actually in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde! So all of this energy will be intense which is excellent for our spellwork, but for us, it can cause a lot of emotions and make us feel very unbalanced. Usually the best thing to do when we are going through events that take a lot out of us energetically is to rest, but in our modern day world, that is almost an impossible task... this is where a Aura Cleanse comes in! So to make sure you handle these amazing cosmic events, I'll be doing a free Aura Cleanse for you before using this immense energy of the Full Moon to boost your spells and give them new energy so they can continue to work and build up for manifestation for you!

You'll get to boost 5 spells per purchase of this listing. If you want more than 5 boosted, buy it as many times as you need it. You'll get a free Aura Cleanse per purchase and can store them up to use later if you would like. Since they are normally $20 each, this is an excellent way to ensure you get all the spells you wanted boosted while at the same time getting a good deal on Aura Cleanses for future use.

Email me at robinlifespirits@gmail.com and let me know which spells you want boosted as well as any updates you might have if any. :-)