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Yellow Jasper Sunburst Pendent
Please let us know if you will add per-existing spells to this little pendant and if so, please list them here or email them to us after your order.
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This is a beautiful yellow jasper and .925 sterling silver pendant. It is 1 1/2 inches from bottom to top of bail. On top of being gorgeous, yellow jasper has several metaphysical and healing properties as well.

Jasper is a great stone for people in times of stress and also known as a strong protection stone. Because of this, it is the perfect stone to have with you if you are having spells done since it will help calm down your vibration and give you hope and protection before, while, and after your spells have manifested.

Yellow jasper is also associated with your solar plexus chakra. This is associated with your digestive system and nervous system. If you are a anxious person, yellow jasper will help get you back in balance.

This little pendent will protect you and keep your energy and emotions balanced. She comes in a little organza bag and instruction sheet on the final step you need to take to cleanse her and bind her to your energy.