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Please keep in mind that we spend a lot of time casting and resting afterwards as it is physically and spiritually draining... so it can take a little time to get back to you.

Updates and scheduling varies week to week but you'll usually hear back from me about a order a week after it is placed and updated a week after that. I wake up really late so you can expect to hear from me between 6
pm-9am central time if you're waiting for a update or for a new order to be

So if you had ordered or are expecting an update, please don't worry if
you've not heard from me yet... we aren't a "normal" business so don't keep
normal business hours. We are a bunch of nocturnal weirdos! ;-)

All other emails, please give me 7-9 business days to get back with you...
I'm trying to catch up and want to make sure everyone gets taken care of

If you want something to do while waiting for my email... you could always
go check out my blog... I've just added some really interesting posts on
using the LOA with magick... so please check out this page:

Many Blessings,


For emergency castings or quick questions please feel free to text Audra at 512-806-9589. This number is for texting only. Audra will not be too happy if you call her without permission and no one likes making the Voodoo High Priestess unhappy! ;-) So please be respectful when contacting her. If you need a phone appointment with Robin, please go to the Phone Consultation Page.

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