Contest and Give Away

NEW CONTEST WIN $50 worth of spells!

We are re-doing our contest since we had to change things up a bit because of being super busy. 

We will be doing a new contest each month and the rules will be the same each month, winners will be choosen on the 15th. Please only enter once a day!

Everyone, even if you are not a client is able to enter. This is a exercise to help you with the law of attraction as well as allow us to do something special for people by asking the universe to fufill your wish. This is also the best place to ask for a postivie energy boost. :-) 

Raven's Tear or Audra will be checking responses each night so your requests will be done up the night you ask for them, but since this is a free service, don't expect a email back as this is not the contact form. 

If you win, you will be notified after the 15th. Good luck and try to use the law of attraction to help your chances out! ;-) 

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