I want to talk to you on the phone, can I have your number?

You are more than welcome to set up a time to chat with me about your spells, about the law of attraction, about your sister who is driving you crazy, but it does cost $1.50 per min and you need to get an appointment to do so. Because of how many emails I get, I know if I let people call me, I'd get people calling me constantly about anything and everything that came to their minds and I'd not have time to even brush my teeth!! So charging allows people who really need to chat the ability to do so, while also making sure you know my time and expertise is valuable!

If you'd like to set up a call, please visit the phone consultation page and pick the amount of time you'd like for us to chat. I absolutely love talking to my clients on the phone and it gives me the ability to hear the energy in your voice to really understand your situation even better and gives you the assurance that I am an expert in this field and that I am completely on the same page as you. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment I take paypal, checks, money orders. Paypal is preferred and checks and money orders will have to be in US Dollars. We will reject them if in any other currency.

How long after I place a order do I get a conformation email?

You should get an email right away from the website letting you know we got your order. This is your order confirmation. It will include your order and a order number. This is sent automatically from the site, and not from us... so if you didn't get it, there is a problem with the site or the email you gave when you checked out, so just contact us and we will try to see what is going on.

We have changed up the process a bit since we now have to work around a baby sister/nanny so each week is different and you will get notified usually within 7 days letting you know which night we will start on your work as well as when to expect a update. If you don't hear from us in 7 days please shoot us a email just checking on it and we will get back to you right away. Higher volume times and huge cosmic events tend to slow things down a bit.

We require patience as does magick. If you can't be patient with us, you're probably going to have a hard time being patient with magick as the universe requires a lot more patience then we do! lol So please keep this in mind when you order! If you can't be patient... we are not a right fit for you and magick probably isn't either!

Please also make sure your paypal payment went through if you have not heard from us within 7 days of placing your order. Sometimes people will place orders and paypal will not connect completely which will mean the order doesn't get paid for, but will still get order confirmations from the site. This can be very confusing for a lot of people. We will not do these orders or email you about them since it will be assumed you don't want those orders. So if it's been over 7 days since you placed your order and you don't hear from us, please look and see if your order actually went through and give us the rest of the day to get back to you since Robin emails all night on the weekends and she might have not yet been able to get to your name on the list. If paying by a echeck... you probably wont hear from us till it clears. So please do keep that in mind. 

I would like to buy a spell for another person, but I don't want them to know about it, is that ok?

Yes, just let me know so I can make sure I don't send anything out with it if it is a spell that comes with a magickal item. I will just cast it directly on that person. It is totally safe and I've done several successful spells this way.

What kind of magick do you all use?

We are all eclectic hedge witches. People tend to refer to our High Priestess and Raven's Tear who both perform all our Voodoo spells as Voodoo and Robin as Wiccan, but that's simply because it's easier for people to understand the types of magick we personally like to do. Both Robin and our Voodoo High Priestess are eclectic witches but do not subscribe to the Voodoo or Wiccan religion even though they do perform these types of spells. Raven's Tear does follow the Voodoo religion however.

Most people who are not familiar with witchcraft have never heard of the term Eclectic Witch. This means that we pick and choose from different traditions to form our own personal path. Robin tends to favor white magick more and our Voodoo High Priestess tends to favor black magick a bit more but we both feel comfortable and enjoy casting either.

The other members of Life Spirits all have their own paths and help assist both Robin and our Voodoo High Priestess with their spells to make sure you are getting a variety of magick and traditions to help assist you with your goals. Options and knowledge are good. That is what we bring to the table as Eclectic Witches.

All spells listed on the Voodoo page and 7 Day Candle page are done by our Voodoo High Priestess and Raven's Tear and will use some black magick and possibly spirit work. All other spells listed on other pages are done without black magick and without spirit work unless otherwise stated in the listing.

What is the difference between Voodoo spells section and all other spells on the site?

Our Voodoo high priestess explains it best:

"White magick manipulates energies NOT people. So you know how fate can help push two people together or apart by setting things in motion? That is what white magick does. It manipulates the energies and the fates to do certain things. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, white magick helps create that reason in a way. So that is why it works out better for people over time since it is creating a path for them (and possible other people involved).

Voodoo manipulates people. That sounds horrible and sometimes I agree with ya depending on the circumstance. Voodoo has gotten a bad rap and most people call it black magick and it has been used for curses since they do not have the same creed as the wiccans to harm none. So again, it just adds to the bad rap, but it is not really all bad, especially if you look at how it works. Since it does manipulate people it does typically work faster, but it does also burn out faster since the energy is condensed and does not grow like white magick spells do. So in a love situation it can help get someone to start having feelings for you so you can at least start a relationship with them you would need to keep casting to keep it up or us white magick at the same time to sustain positive energy and manipulate fate but that person would still have free will unless you keep recasting voodoo spells every couple months which no one would really like to do anyway. It should be used to bring a person or a situation closer to you so you can then use white magick and the LOA to sustain results. I guess you can think of it as liposuction! lol Ok, so even if you get fast results, you would need to either change your eating habits or keep getting lipo. It will not permanently make you skinny, but it will make you feel motivated and totally hot! Yeah, weird metaphor, but it works! lol

So there you have it, basically if you use Voodoo you would need to still use white magick spells to sustain results and you would also need to use the LOA to build up the energy for white magick. It is a package deal folks! But it is that list of ingredients that have helped tons of people. You can always do with out voodoo though and even with out white magick. The most important ingredient out of the mix is the LOA. With out the law of attraction, white magick does not go too far and with out white magick voodoo does not sustain. So that kinda puts things in perspective."

How long will it take to manifest?

It is a general rule to give it 3 moon cycles (3 months), but it can take more or less time depending on the individual.

Since magick is the changing of energies, this process is not always automatic. There are so many variables to magick that each person will see their results at different paces then others might. Some people will see results right away, but for most it will take longer.  I have clients who see results the day of the spell and others who will take months to even show signs of results. Since each person and their energies are different, their success times are different too.

Magick is like a little seed. It starts off small, but is complicated, if it is given love and attention in the forms of positive energies, patience, and faith, your little seed will grow into something strong and beautiful. But if you surround your magick with negative energies, doubt, and impatience it will be like weeds and can damage and even choke your magick so that it will take longer to manifest if at all. Because it is human nature to worry, I want you to know I am here for you to give you advice and to lift you up through friendship and positive energy boosts which I will do for free each time you request them! So please utilize this service because I want your spell to manifest as well since we worked hard on your spell work.

What will make my spell manifest faster?

The best thing to do to ensure your spell manifests as fast as possible is to stay positive, patient, and above all have faith!

Also, do some homework on the law of attraction. A lot of people do not realize how important this is for your spell work to manifest. There are several websites that will help you understand this principal, but if you have the ability, I recommend reading the book called The Secret or if you have netflix, you can watch the documentary on it with their instant video stream. Researching this is going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your spell!

I keep hearing about The Law of Attraction, what is it?

Magick loads the gun, your energy aims it and pulls the trigger!! You need both in order to hit your target! If you can't control your energy, your spell wont hit your target. Your energy is just as important to your success as your spell is!


The law of attraction is a law of the universe which has been proven by science and can help you ensure success with your spell work. It basically allows you to be in control of your own future by attracting the things that you want. One of the best resources for this would be the book and movie of the same name titled The Secret.

There are clips on Youtube and if you have netflix, you can watch the whole thing instantly on your computer or TV. They have a website here: http://thesecret.tv/ and the book is available almost everywhere. I personally like the book just to have around to read when I am feeling bummed out and need a cosmic positive energy boost. So I would suggest watching the movie while you are waiting for your book to arrive in the mail if you mail ordered it.

Some other awesome books on the subject are:

The Law of Attraction in Action by Deanna Davis Ph.D ~This title is perfect for anyone who wants to know the science behind the law of attraction in a down to earth approach.

Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson ~This is written by the authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul which has many stories from real people who used the law of attraction and examples of how it helped them.

The Power From Within by Herman Wong ~This is a very positive book who speaks a lot about the love of God and how to use the tools given to us from him to improve our lives. I would recommend this book to people of the Christian faith as it's message will resonate with them. His website is http://www.whyiwrote.com/

The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Law of Attraction by Diane Ahlquist ~There is a lot of info packed into this little book. It's name is total irony, but it does share a lot of good tips for the beginner.

Money, And The Law Of Attraction by Ester Hicks and Jerry Hicks~ Probably one of my favorites when it comes to using the law of attraction to get wealth and abundance.

Jack Canfield's Key To Living The Law Of Attraction by Jack Canfield~ One of the staples you should have along with the Secret! This book is amazing and is one I've given to several people to help them with their LOA journey.

The Power, The Magick, & The Hero by Rhronda Byrne~ These are written by the same author as The Secret and so are essential if you are a fan of The Secret.

These three books below are my staples and something I have on my nightstand to read when I need a quick LOA reminder...


There is also a lot of free resources on line to teach about the law of attraction so please learn and utilize this tool in your magick and in your life. I honestly believe this is the key to our happiness and want to spread the word!

I've known about magick a lot longer than I've known about the LOA. I grew up around gypsies that my father who was a car salesman was good friends with as they were some of his best clients and best friends. So, magick was introduced to me from a young age and was something I was always drawn to. It comes easy to me because of my early familiarity with it. When I started casting for other people, I had to start learning how to guide people to have the correct vibration to allow their spells to actually manifest the way spells for myself did. Spells manifest for me quite fast and this is because I have the correct vibration (usually! lol) for them. But, for those who are not used to correcting their vibration let along acknowledging it, this concept was quite difficult for them. This is when I learned about the LOA. It made perfect sense to me. Magick is us putting physical energy into the Universe to ask for certain events to happen, but if our mental and spiritual bodies are not open to receive these gifts we asked for, it can take much longer for these spells to manifest. This is where the LOA comes into play. It teaches us to get our mental and spiritual bodies into the correct vibration so that we can receive the gifts we've asked for. Most people are taught through the media, movies, TV shows, and people who give bad advice, that a spell is simply casted and then it should manifest for you right away and if it doesn't there is something wrong with you, the spell caster, or the spell. This is not the case. We need to be prepared for the manifestation in order for it to happen. No spell caster can give you something your vibration is not tuned to receive no matter what claims are made... so this is where the LOA comes in.

A lot of people are also under the impression that all you need to do to practice the LOA is to think positively about their situation. Of course this is a big step, but this is only a small fraction of the LOA. I made up a LOA tips blog that will help you understand what you need to do to actually implement the LOA into your life. You can find it HERE. I would have published it on the FAQ page, but it is so long I decided against it. But it is very important that you read it... since this will guide you on how to get the best possible vibration to match your request from the universe as well as ensure your spells manifest as soon as possible. It is a good idea to print it out to have by you so you can look at it and make sure you are doing these things daily. You vibration is key to your success and this is the key to you getting your vibration up.

Is it ok to get a psychic reading while waiting for a spell to manifest?

No, I don't think it is a good idea at all. Here is why: If you get bad news from a psychic and he/she says things are not going to work out for you, you might decide to give up, thus your spell(s) will go stagnant and our hard work will be for nothing. On the other side if he/she gives you good news and says it will happen on a specific date and that date comes and goes, you will be very disappointed and again might decide to give up. I am ok with someone getting a reading before spell work even though I really do think it's a waste of money, but please refrain from getting a reading while waiting for your spell work to come true. The law of attraction is going to help you more than any psychic ever would, and so I'd save your money and write the next chapter of your life yourself instead of letting someone use their guess work to tell you what is coming your way. You are in control of your path, not them... unless of course you let their power of suggestion decide your fate!

Do you offer psychic readings?
We do offer Oracle Readings from Audra and are trying out and looking for some psychics and oracle card readers for our site. We want to be picky about who we recommend since we know psychic readings can cause your energy to fall if you get a bad reading which can in turn cause you to give up on your magick or your magick to stop manifesting because your energy is no longer supporting it. What is important to remember when you get a reading is that you separate your reading from your magick. You might get a bad reading and it is telling you that you NEED to get your energy in check. Once you get your energy in check, your reading (and future) can change, especially with magick! So take your reading and adjust your energy so that the reading you don't want doesn't come true!
If you get a good reading and you get a time line with that reading... make SURE you take that with a grain of salt. It could happen when the psychic said it would assuming your energy stays the same the whole time you're waiting! Since you'd need to constantly manage your energy which can be difficult, don't use that timeline as if it is set in stone. Instead be patient and open to the timeline and instead focus on your own energy to make sure things happen just as you want them to.

I don't like my clients to be victims or casual observers of life, I want them to be in control and empowered. So use any reading you get as a guide of your energy, not as a "future" event. You are the one who controls your future. If you get a bad reading, you can change the outcome by changing your energy. If you came to me, you came to be empowered and have control over your destiny, so the best person to tell you how things will be, is YOU! Have fun with readings, but in the end, know that you are the one that controls what your future holds!

What if I want a Voodoo spell but don't want black magick?

You should email us and we will check with our Voodoo High Priestess if this is doable. If it's not, more than likely she can customize a spell for you to fit exactly what you want.

Same thing if you want a non black magick spell to contain spirit work or black magick. We write our own spells and are talented enough to customize something to fit you and your circumstances.

Is it ok to get other spells done while I’m doing this?

Yes that is totally ok. All my spells will be programmed to work with each other, if you get another spell caster, you will need to make them aware of our spell work and let them decide if they want to work along side my spells, but I do protection spells on everything to ensure you can use other spell casters as well since I know some people like to use more than one spell caster, so that is totally ok.

Why do you cast during the wrong moon cycle?

A lot of newbies get really caught up in the correct moon cycles and will get worried if they know we will cast a spell for love or money during the wrong moon cycle. You might not realize that there are also certain days of the week, certain hours of the day, certain equinoxes, and certain zodiac signs you can use to cast specific spells on.

So for instance, if you want the most optimum time to cast a love spell, it would be on a New or Full Moon that takes place on a Friday while we are in the zodiac signs of either Leo, Cancer, Libra, or Scorpio (depending on the love spells specifications) during the Vernal Equinox. To find a day to line all of those up perfectly... you might be waiting years to cast your “perfectly timed” love spell!

Most experienced witches cast when they want to! We definitely like to celebrate and honor the moon cycles and will boost our spells previously cast during those times if we feel the need, but we do not feel pressured into waiting for the perfect timing... especially if we are eclectic witches. We know the moon's energy is powerful, but we also know that we are the most important tool and bring the most energy to the table! If you cast a spell on the Full Moon and have no faith in it, but cast a spell during the wrong moon cycle and know it's going to work... the one cast during the wrong moon cycle will be the most powerful of the two!

If you are worried about casting during the wrong moon cycle, you can always email Robin and ask that your spell(s) be cast during the correct moon cycle. We do charge extra for this since we offer Full Moon and New Moon Boosts almost each month and so the time slots are usually full of people who are getting spells boosted during those times, but if it gives you more faith and piece of mind, then it is worth it!

What if I want to order my spell to be cast on the full or new moon?

We gladly take new orders for both the Full and New Moon. Usually a few days before the Full or New Moon, we have a listing for a Full or New Moon Boost on the Limited Special Spells page. You wont see it up if we are already booked up and sometimes this happens so make sure you ask if it's super important to get your spells cast during this time.

You will need to get the Full or New Moon Boost listing in addition to any new spell(s) you want cast for you during that Full or New Moon. It usually costs between $20-$40 extra depending on if it's a pretty typical Full or New Moon, or if something special is going on (Supermoon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse) but will promise that any new spells you want done during that time will be on the schedule for that night.

I've had people email me in their questionnaires and tell me they want those spells done during the Full or New Moon. We cannot honor this request unless you are ok paying they extra cost of getting everything done up during that specified time. If you are not ok paying extra but don't want your spell cast during our normal casting time, I have no problem offering a full refund.

What is the fail rate on spells?


I would say that depends on the caster and how well you follow their instructions and the law of attraction. Faith, positive energy and patience are not optional for spells to manifest... they are required! Not everyone can do or keep up those three essentials since we are a society of instant gratification. Most of those who fail, fail because they do not want to listen to my instructions or give up hope because they did not get the results in the time frame they set. One thing you need to realize is that YOU don't get to set the time frame... the universe does. When you ask the universe for a gift, you can't then tell the universe how and when it will happen for you. You need to ask, believe and receive. Following the instructions I give you is also important, I know what I'm doing, and so when I tell a person not to do something or to make sure they do something and they don't, it is not fair to wonder why it didn't work. If you can't take directions and if you can't remain patient, positive and have faith... magick is not for you. I only want to work with people who are serious about this since I put a lot of time, energy and emotion into what I do and it is not fair to anyone if people only want to experiment or play with magick since they are curious. This is for people who do need help and are willing to do their part to get that help. The more emotional someone is when they first come to me, the more time it takes to help them and for their spells to manifest. I don't mind at all helping emotional people as long as they have goals and are serious about what they are asking for and will follow my advice to achieve it. This is why for some people who are more erratic, love spells seem to take a long time. So if you are getting a love spell, don't expect results over night, for most it can take more than 3 moon cycles. But as long as you feel the results are worth waiting for, I would love to work with you and help you because I know you are the person who I am a lot more likely to get results for. People Once they start getting in control of their emotions and start following my instructions and the law of attraction, almost everyone will see results.

Do your spells work 100% of the time?

Magick is not a science but is a art. It also takes the right energies coming from both you and my coven to help make a spell come into fruition. Spell work is honestly not easy and does take knowledge and talent. So it is not likely to be perfect and there is going to be some of those who are not able to get their spells to manifest like they want or at all. But I can honestly say they are the exception. My guarantee is to keep working with you to ensure that we can honestly say we've done everything we can to get a spell to manifest. I promise to every client that as long as they are willing to work with me on this, I will keep working with them to ensure we find a solution if a spell just does not seem to want to manifest.

Will I need to get a re-cast?

It is a possibly. If you don’t see any difference after the 3 moon cycle period, we can do a re-cast. It is not uncommon and is not something to worry about. Sometimes it just takes more energy for certain people and certain circumstances. But I do re-casts for free since I want you to get results. Your success is our success and so I want to work with you as long as you will allow me, so we can acchieve this!

Will your spells cause harm to come to me or anyone else?

No, we are very careful to ensure that no one will ever be harmed with our magick. We take great pride in the fact that our spells are powerful, but are not dangerous. We always do protection spells before and after to ensure nothing back fires and that no one gets any negative results. If I feel there will be something negative from the spell, I will stop and inform that person that this is not the right spell for them and either give a full refund or figure out what would be better. So we are very careful with our magick.

What are the side effects of your spell work?

With our magick, you will most likely get physical side effects because of the magick penetrating your aura. The biggest side effect I hear about are mild headaches. You might also get dizziness, vivid dreams, slight stomach upset, chills, hot flashes, and usually a over all sense of excitement and calm. Some people might even feel a bit more anxious. All these symptoms should disappear in a couple days to a couple months depending on how sensitive you are to the magick. Most people welcome these signs since it reminds them that their spell is actually starting to take off, but if you feel overwhelmed, email me and I can slow down the spellwork so it is not as intense. I have only had one person who asked me to do this my whole magick career so I can almost promise you that this will not be something that is too bothersome.

I got a spell to be used on someone else, what do they feel?

Most of the time, they will feel the same psychical symptoms as you. If you got a love spell to have them fall in love with you or to ensure your relationship improves, they might also start getting more dreams about you and start thinking about you more. Some people will resist at first as this is natural (and the start of every romance novel!), but if you give them space (IMPORTANT!!), and use the law of attraction, you will notice they will start coming out of the wood work and will be more responsive. With love spells, it is very important to give them space and also make sure not to fight or argue with them. For us hot heads, that can be hard, but it really, really helps improve your chances of success. Also, if they have a facebook, myspace, blog, or anything else where they post about themselves. STAY OFF IT! If you go there looking for negative posts, you will find it! It is a classic law of attraction DON'T! So make sure if you've got a love spell going for you, you follow these rules religiously!

What should I do with my magickal items?

Keep them as close to your aura (your natural energies) as possible. You can keep them on you, or put them under your pillow, or keep them in your wallet or purse. Make sure if you are feeling negative you take them away from you so you don’t transfer those energies to your spell, and email me for help.

What if I lose my magickal item, will it hurt the spell?

Yes, it will because it does need to be in your aura and will need your energies to work. So please try not to lose it.

Can other people touch my magickal item?

No, you want it to only be attached to your energies. Other energies will confuse it. If you got something with a love spell, the person you did the love spell on is the only person who can touch it besides you, otherwise, don’t let other people touch it.

What if someone does touch it, is my spell over?

No, but you will need to re-charge it. You will also need to re-charge it anytime you feel you have been around it for a long period of time and you were in a bad mood so you can clear the energies. To do this, run it under clear, pure water while imagining all the negative energies leaving it. Than place it either in Sun or Moon light for at least 12 hours. It is best to put it outside, but you can place it on a window seal if that is your only option.

I just got a spell, but things are getting worse, not better. Did it backfire?

I can bet you what is going on is you have not given it enough time (remember 3 moon cycles!) and so the energy is not strong enough from stopping problems that were already going to pop up anyway.

Also, while rare, do keep in mind that some situations actually need to get worse before they can get better. You don't want to bury something really big because it is likely to pop up again and be even worse. Instead you want to be able to deal with it so that it is no longer a problem. This can be a healing crisis of sorts and usually if you ride it through with an open mind and positive spirit, you will see a big break through and major changes that turn out in your favor.

Our spells will not backfire on you, so if there are problems that are coming up, email me for a positive energy boost and try to really work on the law of attraction to get through it. Soon you will start seeing results if you keep going and actually use the LOA, so don't give up! It seriously is worth it!!

I emailed you the other day, and still have not heard back?

We have helped tens of thousands of people from the time of the creation of this website alone. There are a few things in particular that slow up the response time:

1. Some people email us several times a day! So please refrain from emailing us more than once a week. If everyone did this, our response time would go down dramatically!

2. Robin herself gets around 100-200 emails daily, but has the most time to email on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So this means that there is never a time when there are not several hundred emails in her inbox.

3. Life happens! We live at the edge of tornado ally so sometimes have storms that take the power out for a day or two each year. Usually at the start or end of winter! There are also times when we need a day off or do not feel well. We are human and yes, even the flu can hit us from time to time. So those will always cause delays.

4. People will ask questions already answered on the FAQ page. 1/3 of our emails in fact are already answered here if people would choose to read this page in it's entirety! Most people do not. Our most common questions are "How long does it take to work" or "What can I do to speed up results." Both of those are already answered here.

If we both work together, we can actually cut down on emails to help us both! Some of the things that would help us dramatically is if people would email only once a week and make sure to read the FAQ page to find answers to your questions. The less email load we have, the more happy people (us included!) there will be. So please let's all do our part! :-)

If you want to email us, please email Robin at robinlifespirits@gmail.com

We are not a normal business and so don't get emailed normal "business" emails. We get emailed life stories, emergencies from people in crises, and people who are confused about their situation and need a helping hand or someone just to talk to. There is plenty of people who "talk" on the internet, but not enough people that listen. So one of our most important jobs is to be a ear to listen, but this is a BIG job and we need some time to do it! So please do not expect us to email you back right away. We give out personal advice and comfort and that is going to be more than a one line email back per person! Expecting us to be able to answer everyone at the same time as any other business would is not fair. Because we are busy it shows that people do like us and are willing to wait for help. It also shows that our help is worth the wait! :-)

Why does my email from you sound generic?

Well, if you are getting a instant reply to a email you just sent, it probably feels generic because it is. Every email gets a instant reply right after they email me since it will help direct them to other areas (ahem, this page) to answer questions as well as gives them a time frame when to expect a reply. So you should expect to receive this same email each time you email me.


If you are talking about a scheduling email or update email seeming generic, that is because they partially are. I always type out a template to use that day for updates and sometimes (not always) scheduling emails. Updates will start off with an intro, have a area that is customized to you and talk about your spellwork, and then a ending that gives you information about what is going on cosmically, reminders about using the LOA, and any updates for the site. I customize each email for each of you but do use the same template email for everyone. So there is some information that everyone will be needing and getting that day and so it makes more sense to type it up generically. This is a very common business practice. If you have a friend who is going to me as well and you both notice several similarities in your updates... this is why, but you will also notice there are several differences that are customized to each of you personally.

I got a spell to help bring back a specific person, yet I am finding old lovers and just other people in general are starting to act interested in me. Does this mean my spell hit the wrong target?

We do the spell on a specific person so it is not going to hit a old lover or a random person. That is why the questionnaire is important. The more information you give me on that specific person, the better it is for you. But usually what is going on is your vibration has gone up which will make you more attractive to other people. This should make your confidence go up and so just enjoy the extra attention while you focus on and wait for your target to finally come around and get in tune with you.

I got a love spell a long time ago and it didn't work and I moved on. Now he/she is back and wants a relationship. Why did it work once I gave up? I thought that would be against the law of attraction?

It actually is very much in line with the law of attraction and here is why... Because you were no longer worried and obsessed about what was going on between you and this person, you were not holding things back with your own fear and negative energy. You can be your own worst enemy when you are constantly desperate and worried about your spell work. Once you gave up, you also gave up those negative thoughts and emotions. No energy is better than negative energy. So if you are someone who can't stop thinking and worrying, actually giving up those worries by letting go of that need to control will get you results.

What is the process of mailing after a spell gets cast?

Not all spells come with something that gets mailed out, but if I do mail something out, it usually gets sent out a week or two after your update because I do protection spells, and package everything up. If you would like a tracking number, please email me and ask for it.

I asked for a recast or energy boost but didn't hear back from you, did you do it?

Most likely. I don't email you back to let you know how recasts or positive energy boosts went since they are free spells. I don't keep record of them like I would the other spells you do. If you email me asking for a positive energy boost, someone on my team might find it and let me know or get it done for you that night. Usually you will not get a email letting you know when it will be done but more than likely it got done. If you asked for a recast and I emailed you letting you know it got done on a certain day, it was done the day I told you it would be done since I put it on the schedule. If you need to know how it went, email me and ask. But unless things went bad, you wont get a email from me so it is a good sign! :-)

Why do I seem to hear from Robin or coven faster when I place a new purchase than when I email about a old spell or why does it seem I don't get emailed unless I make a new order?

There are several reasons actually for this.

First is that it goes through the website and paypal and so it shows up in a different area then a regular email. Since we get less orders per day then emails (We get about 150-200 emails per day) and about 10-20 orders per day, so orders are easier to get to then emails. If we handled orders like emails, many people would not hear about their orders for 2-4 weeks after they were placed and this would cause a lot of frustration and confusion.

Orders need more attention since that is what we are paid for. We are not paid for answering every email that lands in our inbox and since we deal with thousands of clients (we are priced for volume so everyone has a chance to get spells done by a real spellcaster!) emails can be incredibly slow. Those who are used to paying $300-$1000 for a spell will be disappointed in our customer service since those spell casters can afford to only take on a few clients. There are phone consultations for those who require urgent communication, but we are not paid for a lot of advice and guidance through emails, this is also why we try to give help and guidance through the site. We do try to help with advice and guidance through email but that is purely extra work for us and done because we do try to help those who need it. So spells are always going to be given the first priority which always takes time. Since we also cast on the weekends, New/Full Moons, and other special occasions, we have to keep a eye on the orders more than emails.

When we do get a order and Robin schedules it, she looks up the buyer's email address to find the questionnaire, pictures or anything else associated with that order. When she does that, she will see all pending unanswered emails of there are any. Sometimes they can be a month or more old. She usually tries (if there is enough time) to email the buyer at that time and reads the email to be updated on the situation.  It can seem to people that their emails are only answered when a new order is placed and in this case that is true, but it is because there is a priority on orders and emails are not seen in a lot of cases unless a search of the email address is done.

Communication was a lot better when we first opened because we did not have as many clients. Since we now have thousands, we get emails from people from years ago still who want to update us, get new spells, or get help with preexisting work. We also got very popular through word of mouth and this brought many new types of clients who do not know much about magick and need more guidance. This has made communication much slower then it used to be when we were just purely on ebay.

Since our business is spellwork and not counseling, we naturally spend more time focused on the actual spellwork. This is true for any business, they are going to spend the most of their time and energy on what they sell and specialize in. If every business got as many questions and emails for help as we got, they would have no product anymore if they spent all their time trying to keep up with the emails and questions. If you went to any other business and bought their product (for example a TV, a book, or any other product) , the chances that, that seller would get as many questions and emails on their product like a spell caster gets is VERY unlikely! We get emails from people almost every day when ever they have a question, worry, thought, or emotion. This makes for a LOT more emails than other businesses, so to hold us to the same customer service standards are a bit unfair. If all we did was email, we would not get any spells done and that would make for very good customer service, the fact that we take so much time trying to focus on our spell work when there is some grumbling about customer service is a good point that the work we do is real! So do consider that!

Also remember motivation comes from you! Our job is to do the spellwork. If you need guidance more than spellwork, do consider a phone consultation. But otherwise you really do need to do your research, focus on motivating yourself or finding a good avenue to help you stay motivated, and try to follow all instructions given to you though the site and through emails from Robin and coven.

Is Robin Bird really her real name?

No, and there are other coven members with "witches" or "magickal" names in our coven too. If someone is not familiar with magick this might seem confusing. Those who are well educated in magick know that since we have been persecuted through out history as witches, it is our tradition to take on a new name so that our identity is protected. Being a spellcaster is still dangerous in certain areas and not every spellcaster is out of the "broom closet" and wants to be known as a witch by family or friends since it is still a taboo, especially here in the South where Life Spirits is located.

Others like to associated a new identity with their craft as it makes them feel they are in the right "mind set" when they are doing their spellwork. Robin has been using the name Robin for as long as she has been practicing magick. The last name Bird was not added on until she had to put in a last name when creating a email account. "Bird" is still not considered part of her magickal name but is used a lot by people who know her by the name "Robin Bird" online. She prefers to be called Robin in most cases as she identifies herself by her witches name more than her given name now. Anyone who is confused or offended by Robin using her magick name instead of her birth name does not understand the history and tradition of using a pseudonym as a name for spellcasters.

There is some confusion on who is who and how everyone in the coven is related and this much speculation has created a very silly conspiracy over something very normal for REAL witches to do, but for anyone who decides this questions our validity as spellcasters because of our "names" and relation to each other does not understand the tradition of keeping "hidden" as a spell caster for the protection of those spellcasters. It is even harder to keep hidden online (obviously) and we have taken extra steps online to protect our identity since there are people who would wish us harm for what we do and we are put "out there" more then if we were just operating locally. All witches have always been told to hide who we are and to mislead the public of our identity IF there is a danger of from the public knowing who we are because this has historically been and still is a dangerous religion and practice. Being exposed online as a witch is dangerous, even if it is just socially and emotionally damaging. Some places are very open to spellcasters, but being open to places where it is dangerous by being online means we do have to take extra steps. There are still witches harassed and killed daily so anyone who questions our ability as spellcasters based on something as common as this, does not understand or know magick well enough and really is not in the place to consider their thoughts or words a educated concern since they obviously have not done their research. I question the opinions from anyone or place that claims to know about spellcasters if they find the desire to hide our identity as spellcasters controversial since that to me and most other spellcasters is a good sign that person or those people do not know the history of spellcasters and do not understand that in certain places spellcasters are still killed and harassed and therefore not all people want to make it easy for people who may wish us harm to know and get to us. We get hate mail daily because of our beliefs and have encountered very scary threats personally. So please respect our need for privacy and the reason that not everyone is going to be privy to our actual real name or relations because of our own safety. It is not a controversy, it is protection for us! We promise to respect your obvious need to keep your spells, names, and personal info private from the public so it should be understood why we want everyone else to keep our personal information private as well.

Why do you have so many spells? Can you really cast all of them?

Have you ever opened up a spell book? There are hundreds of spells in every witches book of shadows under many different categories. The mistake a lot of people make with spellcasters is holding them to the same standards as a regular business and assuming if we have a lot of variety, we must not be specialized in one thing. We are specialized in magick, that means we know how to do a variety of spells or rituals. Just as nature is full of variety, so is a good spellcaster.

Another thing I would like to mention is we are also a coven or society and have a lot of people here to help out with all these spells. We write a lot of our spells but we can also pick up any spellbook and do almost any spell listed as long as the materials are available to us. There are millions (if not more) of spells out there. This means we have a lot to choose from and almost every subject you can imagine under the sun has a spell. Does not mean all spells work, it just means there is a spell for everything someone can think up! A lot of the spells on our site are spells that are our largest requests, there are some spells on our site a lot more effective than others. There are some requests we've had that we do not cast for (like invisibility or death) but there is guaranteed a spell someone has written for it!


So then why don't you do spells for causing death or invisibility?

If we don't feel it is morally right (killing someone or helping with suicide) or feel the spell is too hard to achieve success (invisibility, telekinesis, time travel, etc.) we are not going to cast it. All spells we have listed online, we have had at least one positive report on it. This even includes the much scrutinized penis enlargement spell. But this does not mean we all don't believe in such things (invisibility, telekinesis, time travel, etc.) Since there is so much we don't understand about nature and the universe that has to deal with energy, angels, ghosts, and miracles that we know about and have encountered but science still can not explain, duplicate or disprove; there is a great possibility that people can someday have these incredible abilities. We are constantly evolving and changing physically and mentally as a species. Not to mention space exploration might open our abilities and powers up further as we meet other beings. But this philosophical conversation of what can be could last all day! Several of us believe in these possibilities and have tried spells to try and get special abilities, of those of us that have tried to do spells for these outcomes, we have never been able to achieve success, yet but several of us do believe in this possibility someday and hope it is in our lifetime. So much has been achieved and proven already that people had once said was impossible. Even time travel is looking to be a scientific possibility and so we don't want to ever say something is impossible and not worth dreaming about, but we do know there are some things we can not yet do and so we do not want to charge for spells we ourselves do not believe in yet.

Can you really do spells to make someone taller?

We can do spells for anything, the better question is, would it work? Well, we have had both positive and negative reports with some of our spells in the beauty section. Those who seemed to report success had a few things in common (they were spiritual, believed in their work, were woman, and tended to be younger or under the age of 50) Admittedly women are far more likely to update us then men, so there could be more success with men on these spells we have not heard back from, but we hear back more from women. Not all spells are going to work for all people, but consider this... if you can get success from a spell to help heal you, help you get money, lose weight, or get someone to fall in love with you, why couldn't you use the same energy to help get taller, get bigger breasts, or help straighten teeth? Many of us have personally seen some good results from body transforming spells and they are spells that get requested a lot, which is why we offer them. People who are spellcasters are always going to have this debate just like Christian religions have debates and wars over the same bible, but at the end of the day there are tons of real spellcasters who believe that it is possible to get good results from these types of spells and there are plenty of spellcasters who disagree. We have people in our own coven who disagree on certain magick philosophies all the time. This is one of them! So you need to find out what YOU believe and if you feel the spell could work for you before you decide to get it cast on your behalf.

Do you still sell on ebay?

No, sadly ebay does not allow for spell casters to sell spells on ebay anymore. We still have our ebay account and it still shows our outstanding record, but since we have been inactive for several years it does not show our last star ratings nor our top rated seller badge. They only show your star totals for the year and we've not been on ebay since about 2012 or 2013. Thankfully we have screenshots of the last star rating we had which you can see here...

To break down our success:

We had the highly coveted Top Rated Seller badge (we were sent a certificate in the mail which we still have for this achievement!)

Have had almost 15,000 views just in the span of a few years

Had 2701 people leave feedback over the years with 99.9% of them being overwhelmingly positive and giving us 5 out of 5 stars in several areas but especially in the "As Described" and "Communication" areas. Our .1% negative was because someone thought he was supposed to get something in the mail when he wasn't and was upset it was "taking so long!" lol

Having 656 people in just ONE year say the spell was "As Described" should tell you something... we get results if you follow our instructions and we work with a LOT of happy clients!!

The proof is on ebay!

How can you tell a online spell caster is a scam?

There are so many people worried about being scammed that they are now going overboard and calling out every spell caster as a scam for any infraction no matter how small. Online message boards are now so negative and full of people that crave drama that even those with a proven track record can be smashed and judged for things overblown by suspicion and doubt. It has caused real spell casters to be treated badly and called names or lied about because people are so scared right now. It also gives the compition the ability to kill a real spell caster by spreading rumors or lies since alot of people are now more scared to be scammed then they are to believe. Also since not all spells work, it is easy to call a spell caster a scammer if there are no results from that spell caster. When we get a email from someone who claimed they were scammed simply because their spells from their last caster did not work, we discount it. Real spell casters know that not all spells work. We are not Gods!

But when I hear from people who tell me that they had a spell caster ask for hundreds or thousands of dollars after a unsuccessful spell, I am pretty sure they were scammed. When I have a client tell me their last caster threatened them with a curse or spirit after they did not give them more money, I inform them they were dealing with a scam. When someone tells me that they are going to someone who promises instant results, I know they are probably going to a scammer. When someone tells me that a spellcaster says that only THEY can help and no other caster can, I know they are full of it and more than likely a scam! So there are very good signs that someone is a scammer.

Do remember that not all spellcasters get results so to say someone is not real purely because you have not gotten results in the time frame YOU set to stop believing, is not fair to that spellcaster nor is fair for you. Please keep in mind that someone calling someone a scammer and claiming they did not cast the spell because they did not get results is not fair to the caster since that person is obviously not psychic and does not really know if the spell was cast or not and could hurt a real spellcaster and other people who could have gotten help from that spellcaster. I think the best way to keep from getting scammed is to stay away from the group I mentioned above, otherwise you are going to have to put your faith and trust in your spellcaster. Use your gut instinct and decide what you feel (not what everyone else feels) when you decide who is best for you. It shows a major lack of faith and trust which is badly needed for success in spells when too many people call out every spellcaster on this earth as a scam!

Should I talk to other people when getting spells done?

It depends on who you talk to. If you are going to be talking to people who encourage you and keep lifting you up then there is no problem with it. Spellwork requires faith for energy to build. All spellcasters will agree with this. So you do need to stay with people who are going to lift you up. But if you are around negative people and share your work with negative people, you are going to see a very slow manifestation if at all!

The internet is very full of people who are negative. Especially if you go to places where people are incredibly jaded by spellwork. There are plenty of nay sayers on magick and spellcasters online. You will notice almost no one on those websites get results from hardly anyone. There is a reason! I notice that people who order from me who are not on jaded spellcaster message boards or websites get a LOT better results then people who tend to be on message boards that talk about spellcasters. This is also why our feedback on ebay is so much better than my feedback on those places. On ebay, most clients were not jaded and are open minded and kept their spells to themselves. They also tended not to need as much emotional support which I believe was because they were not around a lot of negative people online. On those message boards, it is full of people who are jaded and negative about spellwork and like the attention from getting no results from spellwork more then the negative comments from the rest of the panel when they get results. Notice when people do post something positive about a spellcaster, they get put down. I don't understand why anyone would want to be bullied or treated badly of they had something good happen to them and the fact there is no support and instead bullying to those with a different opinion or good results I think says a lot about what their agenda really is. The agenda is to keep people as miserable and jaded as the rest of them! If faith, positive energy, and patience are required for your spellwork, I do not understand why people would go to those places during spellwork and think they are going to get results. They sap your faith and give you jaded negative energy. More people end up giving up on their spellwork before they are able to have a succeed because the energy their kills spellwork! So I do warn anyone who is a regular on those negative message boards that they are not going to find too much success with any spellcaster if they are a regular in places like that.

We created our own message board since many people do want to talk about their spellwork in a positive place, but even our own message board is not free of problems. Just like the other message boards that have had people who are negative or are posing as clients of other spellcasters and are really compition or trying to gain clients from those message boards, our own board has had the same problems. We have had clients that were really other spellcasters or even psychics buy to get on our board and try to gain clients. We have even had the odd message board drama that has resulted in some people getting nasty to us online. Since the internet is so impersonal it causes people to behave badly when they would not normally be a callus. This is why our own board has gone down in popularity since we first started it up. People who really want to believe and want results are not wanting to let anything get in their way and I totally support that even if that means they do not want to post on our board either. But it is a good place for information and help which is why it is no longer password protected.

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy: The general rule is that once your spell(s) have been cast, do not expect a refund. We are using materials and time that we can not get back. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Robin Bird and Life Spirits. We take careful consideration of all the time, materials, and results before a refund, if any is granted. If a spell has not yet been started, a full refund will be offered right away.  Those who ask nicely for a refund and who take the time and consideration to allow us to try and fix the problem first usually have been granted some sort of refund as a sign of good faith. But, you should go into this looking at is as if you are gambling with your money and not expect to get it back if things do not work the way you had hoped they would. Do not expect any refund if you are disrespectful or rude and/or have not followed any instructions from Robin Bird and associates of Life Spirits. A violation of our privacy policy will also ban you from a refund and ensure no further contact with regards to your spells. You are more likely to get a refund if you allow us to look into your problem and to show us that you are willing to follow advice given. Our work is a group effort between you and Life Spirits and if we do not feel as if you are putting in the effort you agreed to when you ordered your spell(s), it says to us you were not serious about your spells and do not care about our time, energy, and talents; and is quite frankly insulting. We usually will go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy, but communication from you is key. We can't know how to fix problems that arise if we are not told about it in the first place.


This is listed in our Terms Of Service page (TOS) among with other things you agree to when you order. Here is the direct link, but you can also find it listed on the left of your screen for later reference.

Someone said you just stopped replying to them after they got upset with you, why?

I would ask for a copy of their email to me... this might let you know why I didn't respond. lol I only respond to people who are nice and fair to me. It is ok to email me frustrated and to let me know that things just are not going your way and you want to know what can be changed, but personal attacks are not something I tolerate. I can not allow any negative energy into my life since my energy has to be used to help other people. If I operate with negative energy, it is not conducive to a good environment or good spell work. People who email me up and are belittling, demanding, rude, and crass will no longer be contacted by me. I put their email address into a filter to filter them into a email folder that I do not look at for my own emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I do not argue and fight back with them... there is no point. It would only feed negativity and would drain me of my happiness. So, the best thing to do is to cut off the negativity at the core and move on. One of the requirements of spells working is to be a positive person. This goes for both you and I! So, it doesn't take a genius to understand why their spells don't work if you hear how they talk to me though these emails. Those who's life never works out for them are those who tend to complain constantly and jump from one caster to another. If you look at these people, they are walking balls of drama. Spells are not going to work for them no matter who they go to. That change needs to come from within.

I have a website, blog, or message board and would like to add you on it as a caster but you need to pay me money, are you interested?

No, thanks! This to me says drama and negative energy. Plus I am not going to pay someone who's never used me to suggest me to people they don't know. Most of these places are full of doubt, fear mongering and bullying. This is not something I want to be associated with even if good things are said about me because it will attract those who like to be around negative energy (doubt, fear mongering, and bullying) and I will get sucked into a mess I am not willing to be party to. People attracted to those places are constantly complaining and/or putting down other people's choices or bullying each other. When they walk into my door, they are not in a place mentally to get results, so they don't and they complain and cause more drama. These are people I do not want to work with because they are not willing to follow my instructions and prefer to whine all day instead. My success rates go down due to them. So as much as I appreciate the offer, I will have to decline since I want people to come to me who want to be around positivity, healing energy, and light. Those people do not visit your sites.

I told you I wanted to give up and you didn't even try to stop me, why?

I've had people that will email me telling me it's too painful to keep going and they want to give up. Most of the time I try and talk them off the ledge, but then they respond again telling me they are done and it's just too hard. This is exhausting for me and feels like a mind game. I simply can not be your motivation. If you are not motivated for change, I'm not going to be able to help you. This can be a hard and an emotional journey... especially with love spells. You have to be motivated to go through this hard and emotional journey to get results. If you tell me you give up... I will believe you, wish you luck and move on to those who are willing to follow instructions and are motivated for change. I am not playing games with people so please do not invite me into one and become confused when I do not show up to play.