Oracle Card Readings

We do not typically like readings since we want you to use your own instincts and trust that you are designing your own future with magick, but I'm constantly asked for readings anyway and know this is something some people feel they really need. So, I've spoken to Audra and she has agreed to offer readings for our clients with her oracle card decks she uses quite often. She has several to choose from and what I like about them is that they are positive which goes hand in hand with the law of attraction that I'm always pushing onto everyone! ;-)

These readings are offered in one, two, or three card spreads. Here are some examples of what you can ask the Universe with these cards:

What do I need to focus on to get manifestation?

What will my day, week, or month look like?

What Goddess or Ascended Master is taking care of me right now?

Please tell me what my money situation looks like and what I need to do to improve things?

Please tell me what my love situation looks like and what do I need to do to improve things?

Does the Universe have any advice for me?

Once you pick your deck and number of cards you want her to work with, ask your question and Audra will get your reading done up for you. She will take a picture of your cards and explain what each one means and how it applies to your situation. Usually she can get your reading done up the day or day after you order it. If you send a picture of yourself along with your name and date of birth, she will display it on her phone on her alter while she does your reading. This will help make your reading even more accurate.