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Can you commit to your success?

It amazes me how many times people come to me in tears and frustrated about how they are not seeing results and justify they've done their part because they have been "positive" but have not taken into account what it means to be "positive." It seems those of my clients that come to me after seeing little to no results came to me after working with another if not many other previous spell casters and had been given the "keep positive and your spells will succeed." speech and so they tend to gloss over my law of attraction recommendations.

I realized even though spell casters know this lingo and know what being "positive" entails. Many others do not. This is why I supplied people with many resources about the law of attraction. I found that telling people to be positive was like a dietitian telling their client to eat healthy but not providing the resources to teach them what healthy eating really consists of. People may assume what healthy eating is just like you all might think you know what being positive and feeding yourself positive energy consists of, but just like healthy eating, it consists of hard work and consistency before it can really become a habit. Its not easy to start a new habit and there are going to be times that you mess up, that is ok. But if you agree the results of this new habit are rewarding, it will be! :-)

I found that the law of attraction was the best way to help people learn how to make positive energy a habit than anything else out there. This is something that is non negotiable! This would be the same positive energy any other spell caster would require from you. I realized that those who really could take the law of attraction seriously, make the law of attraction a habit and follow my directions, got real results. The reason why is because this is a group effort! You have a part to play in this as well. I would hope that everyone who would spend money with me would take my work seriously by trying to make sure they commit to doing their part.

Sadly, this has not been the case with all my clients. I believe the problem has been caused by the fact that many people have tried so many casters or have tried a spell or two themselves, they consider themselves and expert and disregard my instructions and don't care to follow the law of attraction. Thankfully these are the minority of my clients, but as know it alls, they tend to like to get on soap boxes and offer advice to others really needing help which has resulted in more people who are jaded by what they don't understand. It has been one of the most devastating parts of what I do. It hurt me when I put my heart into something for someone, and they refuse to take it seriously or even worse try to put down others because they don't want anyone to succeed if they can't. Misery loves company and I hate to say it, but it seems these types of people tend to find it and unfortunately at everyone's (themselves include) expense. It is heart breaking since I do tend to get attached to my clients and their calls for help. But not everyone wants to be happy because not everyone wants to put in the work to obtain happiness.

The truth is, Magick is REAL! Magick has been around way before Monotheism. It has survived many religions come and gone and even though all of these religions both past and current didn't always believe in the same God, or even one God, what has remained consistent is that all these religions believed in the existence of Magick! Some religions have embraced it, some have feared it since they did not understand it. But even though these people and religions might disagree on who was God, if there was more than one God, and all the little nuances in between, the constant truth for all of them was that Magick was real and was powerful. In fact, Magick is a tool that is in YOUR history! No matter where you come from, there is a ancestor, even if ancient, that used and benefited from Magick! So the question should not be if it exists, the question should be how to get it to work for you! Magick is our history and has survived for a reason. But so has this "Secret" that is needed as the key to the success of this great force of power.

If you are REALLY serious about using this amazing universal energy to benefit any area in your life, you need to also be serious about the law of attraction. Those who never get there spells to work or just happen to be scammed over and over, have a common theme... They go into each new venture with doubt and suspicion, and assume that it's not going to work, so do not put the time or energy into following instructions because they figure "What's the use?" They tend to go into spells telling the universe "If this is real, you will make my wish come true!" But the universe has nothing to prove to you, so giving the universe a ultimatum is the best way to ensure no results. These people will never had success and can never benefit from Magick since they do not nor will not try to accept and understand it's truth. I hope that people who feel this way before going into spell work will please look past Life Spirits since it is too exhausting trying to help people who refuse to be helped. People who go back to their soap box to gossip and use doubt to crush their spirits or instead mentally talk themselves down from their hope and faith. I can't help these people because they don't want my help and I really want to reserve my energy and time for those who cherish my energy and help and actually look at the opportunities that the universe has presented to them though Life Spirits.

In order to get real results you need to really want it! You need to look at Magick as a gift offered to you and decide you are going to learn and use the law of attraction till it becomes a new habit. You need to come into this thinking "I believe in Magick, I know the Universe wants something better for me. I know my path and I will take this key to help unlock the destiny that I choose!" You not only need to believe YOU are worth the effort, you need to believe the Universe believes you are as well!

My New Years goals are simple but very important because I know I'm worth happiness and know my being here is the Universe telling me and others that I am supposed to be here to continue to provide Law of Attraction information for those who are hungry for a change, for real happiness and to use my experience and Magick to help those truly in need of help design the lives they deserve.

I feel incredibly blessed and am so excited to go into another year with hope and conviction that many more who need our help will be lead to us and will be open to learn and become passionate about the Law of Attraction and the "Secret" key to this Magickal force that is here to benefit and change your life if you really want it to! :-)

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