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I have been trying to catch up on emails like all of you know and finally getting to the bottom of the stack, but emailing so much I realize that there is one common issue with people who are having problems getting results.... It is control!  Most of the people who come to me, come because of a relationship problem. Relationships can do crazy things to sane people! If you have ever been in one, you know what I'm talking about! ;-) I think I've been borderline bi-polar because of men in my past! lol So I understand how crazy being in love can make a person! One of the most common thing I'm hearing of is people is they are constantly looking up their target, playing mind games with them, telling themselves that it is not going to happen, worrying that their target will forget about them if they are not around or harassing their target, looking for any indication things are not working or going to work etc, etc.... What is going on is people are so afraid of letting go of that control so they feel doing and thinking these things gives them control. But actually it is not giving them control, it is making them out of control! Think about how you have been lately? Have you really been in control? If you are someone waiting for a love spell to manifest, are you obsessing over him/her? Are you looking up on facebook/Myspace/Twitter/Blogs etc. to see what they have been up to or who they are dating or flirting with? Are you checking to see if they've read your email/txt and getting freaked out when you don't get a response right away or at all? Are you counting down the days of how many moon cycles you are at since your last spell? Are you talking down to yourself saying it is just not going to happen for you? If so, you are not in control of things. The universe needs us to be in control of ourselves before we can handle being in a stable relationship. How can we expect the universe to give us something if we would not be prepared for it once we had it? So sometimes letting go is actually gaining control! Most people's biggest blocks is themselves!!! You need to know and BELIEVE things will work out! One thing I've been saying a lot is that people need to stop dwelling on the past and stop focusing on the present because the universe will give us more of what our dwelling and focus is on. So that means what we need to do is to focus on the future we want. This goes for those getting ANY spell! If you have money problems... go to bed each night thinking about all the things you WILL someday have! Imagine yourself in that new house or car and what it feels and smells like. Put yourself there. If you are looking to lose weight... cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs of clothes you plan on getting for yourself and paste it in a note book or poster board so you can look at it to get insperation. Think thin! Believe you are beautiful NOW and plan out your future outfits right now! Start thinking about what you need to do and think about to get the results for your spell or spells. This is a group effort!

For those of you who get love spells... you guys have it the hardest because you have that sense of hurt and that sense of obsession you have to work through. That is why for some people, it can take so much longer than others. Remember it usually takes 3 moon cycles just to start seeing results. This is also assuming you are following the laws of attraction and other instructions given to you. Like I had said in the FAQ, not everyone is going to get results in 3 moon cycles. Most people are not reading that bit right and there has been some confusion which has led to doubt. It says people can get results sooner or later this is because YOU decide the speed of things. Focusing on the speed will not make things happen any faster either, you are more likely to slow it down since you are dwelling on it. Some people even start getting scared when someone gets results before they do. Remember you all are different with different circumstances. Feel happy for the other person and feel happy for yourself because soon you will be in their shoes too! You guys are dealing with so many things and trying to learn how to become positive and have faith while remembering the pain and worry. All people come to me because they need help, so all people are going to have some pain and worry and so the hardest part is letting go of that. Realize that in order to really be in "control" you need to stop pretending you are in control by obsessing and hurting. You need to believe and feel the future you will have with that person. Or believe you will have that money or a gorgeous new figure or that future goal you are looking to achieve. Where there is a will, there is a way. Miracles happen every day! Jesus was able to heal the blind and bring people back from the dead. Man built flying machines when it was told men couldn't fly. Science still can't figure out how to define our soul or to explain ghosts. There are so many things happening each day that seem to defy the laws of science or logic because there IS something bigger than us and we can hold onto it and use it to give us the lives we want. You get to design your future and your life. You get to write your story! I'm helping to give you the way, but you've got to supply the will! :-) So one thing I want people to do is try and gain control by giving up that obsessive nature and that worry. It is a habit and the best way to change a habit is to replace it with another similar habit. Obsess instead on your future. Children do this all the time, but we tend to forget how to "play pretend" as we grow up. Maybe that is why children are so much more carefree and happier than adults are. Adults seem to always be angry and feeling "stuck" and I think it is because we sometimes settle for what our lives have become even though we are not happy where we are at. We tend to fear and believe that we can't change those circumstances since we don't see a way out. It is harder for us to believe in what we can't see, touch or hear. Children don't do this and children also believe they can have and be what ever they want to be. So tap into that inner child again and start playing pretend with your goals. Start trying to work on yourself. Start preparing yourself already for the future you will have. Obsess over YOU! Pamper YOU! Take care of your mind, body, and soul! In doing this, you will rid yourself of that fear and anxiety, you will actually gain control, and you will see RESULTS! :-)

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