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Free St. Patrick's Day Spell!

As you might know, St. Patrick's Day is on the 17th of this month! :-) Us Spell Casters love St. Patrick's Day which is known to be very magickal. It is also said that St. Patrick used magick to help rid Ireland of the snakes that plagued the people in Ireland. Many witches call upon St. Patrick for help and extra energy during their spells, especially spells for luck and love. If you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a little magick of your own, here is a fun little ritual you can do yourself for some extra hope, faith, love, and luck for 2013! This spell is going to use the symbolism of the shamrock which is said to have been picked out by St. Patrick as lucky as long as it had 4 leaves. This is where we get the famous lucky four leaf clover! :-) He said each leaf stood for something special, one leaf for faith, one for luck, one for love, and the last for hope. So I am letting everyone participate in a four leaf clover spell in celebration and in honor of St. Patrick's Day if they would like to. :-) It will give you a bit of extra energy to add to your spells you already have going. It is a special spell that is just unique and copy-writed to Life Spirits so please do not post it anywhere on the internet, but you can share it personally with friends if you have someone who would like to do it as well.

Set up a little table to use as your alter (you can use the top of your dresser or kitchen table if you need to) Cover your space with a green cloth You will need a green candle or candles. It is ok to have several white candles around you for extra light as long as you have one green candle. A green marker, pen, or crayon A green piece of paper and glue or tape You can decorate your space with anything that reminds you of St. Patrick's Day if you wish. Gold coins, beer, shamrocks, rainbows, anything of that sort. When you have all your supplies together and are in the right mood to cast, light your candles and cut out 4 large hearts of the same size from your green paper as well as a triangle that looks a bit like a spade from a deck of cards. Write on your triangle/spade shaped paper "St. Patrick, please grant me my wishes..." in a vertical fashion starting from the base up to the top. Write on the top the first heart the word HOPE Write on the top of the second heart the word FAITH Write on the top of the third heart the word LOVE Write on the top of the fourth heart the word LUCK On the heart with the word HOPE, write down a single wish that has to do with you having hope, write your wish directly under the word "Hope." As you write say "St. Patrick, please grant me this wish of hope... (Say your wish.)" On the heart with the word FAITH, write down a single wish that has to do with you having faith, write your wish directly under the word "Faith." As you write say "St. Patrick, please grant me this wish of faith... (Say your wish.)" On the heart with the word LOVE, write down a single wish that has to do with you having love, write your wish directly under the word "Love." As you write say "St. Patrick, please grant me this wish of love... (Say your wish.)" On the heart with the word Luck, write down a single wish that has to do with you having luck, write your wish directly under the word "Luck." As you write say... "St. Patrick, please grant me this wish of luck...(Say your wish.)" When you are done with your wishes, put your "Shamrock" together by putting the points of all hearts together on the point of the triangle/spade shaped base in the shape of a shamrock. When you are putting each leaf in place, focus on the intent written on each shamrock. Make sure all words are on the top of your shamrock, so they should be facing down as you put it together since you want the words to look pretty once your shamrock is put together. You can glue or use tape to hold all this together on the back. If you want you can use stickers, glitter, or paint to decorate the face your shamrock for fun. Remember, this is a celebration! :-) Once you have your shamrock put together, take your green candle and drip some wax on the middle of your shamrock (either back or front is ok as long as the wax touches each point so you might need a few drops.) and say as the wax spills "With this wax I seal my spell, let harm come to none, so mote it be." After this you can meditate longer on your wishes, once you feel you have spent the right amount of time focusing, snuff out your candle and clean up your space. Put your shamrock in a special place where it wont be disturbed by anyone other than you. Preferably put it under your mattress or next to your bed. You can pick it up and hold it and focus on your wishes any time you want to give them extra strength. It is best to do this spell on the 17th if you can, but if you can't start it on any full or new moon.

If you have any questions... please post them here and I will try and answer them before the 17th for you. :-)

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