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I'm Popular?

It has been a crazy night! Or... well, crazy day too!

I have been up since 1 pm yesterday (yes, being a spell caster messes up your sleep schedule like you have NO idea!!!!) so I am beyond tired, but after a liter of diet coke and 2 Starbucks lattes, winding down is hard to do so I've decided just to stay up all day and get my regular week day spells done a bit early. Funny thing is, when I stay up all night, I can channel the more emotional and philosophical side of me. You would think that is a oxymoron since most people don't see logic and emotion being on the same level at all, but it really is believe it or not! You need emotion and logic together. Balance is the key!

So speaking of balance, that is exactly why I am up so late... or so early... which is now the after noon so never mind! lol I started off last night tossing and turning in bed at 2 am because I couldn't keep my mind off my inbox which housed 548 emails! I was not able to sleep since I didn't feel it was right sleeping with so many people emailing me for help and for advice. I've never had that many emails in my inbox at once! My boyfriend was going crazy since I just couldn't relax. I kept tossing and turning in bed and sneaking under the covers with the smart phone I know he regrets getting me for Christmas! (I didn't know it made the sheets glow like a 70's disco!... honest!) Oh he was so proud about getting me it till he realized I learned how to really use the freaking phone! lol I finally told him that I've got to go into my office (which is really our extra large walk in closet with my desk, laptop, files, and more herbs and potions then you can imagine!) and email people back! He complained since he had work tomorrow and he couldn't live with out me sleeping next to him and I said "How can I sleep when I know so many people out there can't sleep either because they need to know everything is ok and need my help?" Yeah, that shut him up! Really, what could he say to that! lol (No he actually is very sweet, just cranky when trying to sleep! lol) So it lead to me being up all night and apologizing to more people then I can count with this little amount of sleep. But I am proud to say, my 548 dwindled down to 138!

Ah, felt amazing getting some things accomplished. But still, I can't stop checking to make sure people are ok and emailing more and more people... I get obsessed when I get in this little closet! lol Then I read a email that I just got and really hit me. Not in a bad way but in a reality sort of way. It was from a woman who had emailed me before Christmas (YIKES!!!) and who I was just able to get back to now. I felt so bad since it took so long. Really, there is no good excuse and I felt guilty as I should! I told her I was so sorry and that I would do what ever I could to make it up to her since it was not right making her wait. She said it was ok since she said she knew I was getting so popular. Wow! It is so sweet of her to be so understanding but it made me realize that I don't ever want my clients to feel I am so popular that they don't matter to me. You guys are not just my clients! Seriously, you have no idea that I actually remember each of you all by name! Actually my elderly mother helps package everything for you all (she is the one who puts on the stickers since she loves to make things "pretty!" lol) it keeps her busy and keeps me sane since she is busy! lol and when she has a question about something, she calls me and tries to explain and I can simply ask her "what is the name?" and once she tells me, I can let he know everything she needs to know since I know every single one of you. She is amazed I can keep track of it all, but seriously, you all mean so much to me plus I get to really know each and every one of you trough your questionnaires and emails.  I am always smiling as I talk to her about "well (enter name) is in love with this guy and she is so sweet and so darn close, but we need to get this done and..." and I keep going on like this since it really does matter to me. Actually, the only thing that stumps me is ebay usernames and message board user names. If someone emails me from ebay and forgets to tell me their name, I've got to look up who it is. Why? Because I know you by YOUR name! So I promise you that I will never be to big or too popular to forget who really is important here. If I take too long to email you... it could be many number of things, but more then likely it is because yahoo is stupid and lost your email (re-send and let me know so I can get mad at them), or I've got family drama with my crazy boyfriend, hot headed daughter, or ditzy but sweet mother (just email me and tell me to get it together!) or there is a crazy holiday going on! (which you should be focusing on going out and having fun then email me and get after me and tell me to get it together!) lol So thank you all for putting up with me trying to get things back on track and please, never, ever think I am getting too popular to give you all personal attention. If you ever feel that way... let me know so that I can realize that I need to do better!

I am thisclose to passing out on my key board... but thought I should mention this since YOU are really more important to me then you might think! ;-)

Many Blessings, Robin

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