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Love & The Law Of Attraction

Love & The Law Of Attraction

By Robin

We deal with romance issues more than anything else here at Life Spirits. I can probably honestly say that I've seen every romantic situation in the book. When I get orders from people looking for help to get their ex back, to strengthen a troubled romance, or to attract a certain person, I can start to see patterns that match those from those people who come to me who get success or patterns from people who didn't get success. I can almost see from month one who I bet will get results and who I know will be really difficult to work with. It all comes down to the attitude of that person, how they feel about their relationship, their openness to ideas and instructions, and how patient they are with me and their situation. As someone who has helped hundreds, if not thousands in my spell casting career on just relationship problems alone, I know that I hold a special insight when it came to those who had success and what they all had in common...

Almost each person who I've gotten success for took our work seriously and genuinely followed my instructions by using The Law of Attraction (LOA) to get their vibrations up and get their mind set in place so they could attract what they had asked for from the Universe. Even if they didn't realize this was part of the process and what they were doing, they took notes and followed my directions to allow their energy to build up so they could finally have success from their spell work. They essentially got their vibration to match their intentions they had us put out into the Universe.

You might not realize it, but you use the LOA every single day even if you are aware of it or not. Every little thought, word, and action you use holds energy and is sent out into the Universe to attract something, someone, or a circumstance back to you. This is why keeping apprised of what energy we are sending out to the Universe is essential to making sure we are living the life we want to live and with those we want to live it with.

My telling people to use the LOA with their spell work shouldn't be new... this is something all spell casters use even if they might not know what it was called or that it even had a name. Spell casters learn from the beginning that we have to have a certain vibration in order for our own spells to manifest for us. It is essential and not something we can opt out of! This is an integral part of the process on learning how to cast spells and those who are the most successful are masters of their own thoughts and energy... it is essential for a caster to learn how to adjust his or her our own energy accordingly to the energy we've just put out though casting. The more experienced we become as spell casters, the more experienced we are at controlling out thoughts and energy. It becomes second nature to us. A good witch is usually a happy witch!

So, it would make sense that it is essential for those who are requesting spell work to also learn how to adjust and control your energy and vibration to match the intent you've asked from us to put out into the Universe on your behalf. Unfortunately confusion happens when spell casters are supposed to explain to those who are not familiar with energy manipulation on how to do this. Most spell casters will tell you to “just think positively” and “have faith” or something along that line. There is a lot more to it than that and for many spell casters, teaching others about what to do after the spell is cast is a difficult concept. A great metaphor would be being asked by someone how to use their sense of smell. It's something we just know how to do. So teaching someone who has the sense of smell but doesn't understand how to use it, would be a hard to articulate. This is how it is for us to teach non spell casters how to change their vibrations. We know spells work because we've seen it, felt it, and are comfortable with magick, so this is the advantage of being a spell caster... we know that this works and so our energy adjusts since faith and positive feelings exist with something familiar that feels good to us... for those of you who are not familiar with this energy and with this process... it can be a whole other story and you don't get the full advantage of the spell since you are missing one of the key ingredients to this whole journey... your energy. This is why I was so excited to learn this process did have a name and did have several people writing and guiding others on how to use it. It made perfect sense to start suggesting it to my clients who were not sure how to adjust their own vibrations to match their intentions.

I've noticed that most books and articles on the LOA deal with getting money, becoming healthy, or finding your soul mate. There are only a few people who talk about using the LOA to attract or keep a certain person in particular, so maybe this might be the biggest “secret” about the LOA. It can be used quite successfully to attract that person to you and to ensure you have a beautiful, caring, and life long relationship with them.

Some of you will read this and have “Ah-ha!” moments, and others will read this and might not fully understand the concept, and this is ok. Knowledge is power and the more you read up and learn about the LOA, the better you can use this tool for your benefit and if you use it correctly, you will really be amazed by the powers you have deep down inside you! This is the law of the Universe and even if you do not understand it, it still is law and works if you participate in using it for your benefit or not.

Here are some tips on using the LOA to attract or keep a certain person.

1. Focus on YOUR energy.

You have to stop focusing on that other person and their energy and start making this all about you and your energy. You need to realize that you are the driving force here and have the control over how this relationship turns out for better or worse. Gaining control of your energy is the best way to ensure you are the one steering the boat in the direction you want it to go. If you have no control over your energy, you will keep going around in these constant circles and wasting your time being in a constant state of pain and unhappiness. The most essential part of magick and the LOA is learning how to be in charge of your own energy.

You should never ever, ever, let someone else be in control of your happiness. It's not fair to them and it's not going to work out the way you want in the long run. So rule number one... you are in charge of your happiness from now on.

Your new focus should be on trying to become a happier, carefree, and more confident version of your former self. You need to decide to become the person who makes YOU happy. You need to make sure you are focusing daily on the things you enjoy in life and doing things that put a constant smile on your face throughout the day. It is essential that you raise your vibration by allowing yourself to become a perpetually happy person.

2. Let it go.

If you are trying to start new habits, it is important to let go of the old habits that are not working for your benefit.

You will need to let go of past hurts, let go of the blame, let go of trust issues, let go of your insecurities and doubts. You have to go into this with a whole new set of ideas and feelings. You need to start strengthening yourself first so that you can actually start to strengthen your relationship and bond with that other person. Don't poison your goals with your old belief system and worries. Your boat will sink if you keep drilling holes of doubt and negativity into it. Sure one or two holes won't cause you to sink right away, but over time, you will find your boat is getting heavier and moving slower in the direction that you were going. Most long term relationships sink because of only a few holes and since it wasn't apparent and there was no time to patch them up until one or both parties decided to jump ship. So stop being your own worst enemy and stop thinking about and focusing on these beliefs and feelings you have about your current, former, or desired relationship.

There are a lot of things you have to be dedicated in letting of in order for this to work. You can't just say you are going to let go of something and then keep revisiting it because you feel you need to think about it for some reason. You have to make a effort to change the subject in your head if you find yourself coming up to it. Your past feelings and beliefs towards that person or your current romantic situation helped get you into this conundrum so those beliefs and feelings obviously are not serving you. So let them go!

3. Have faith the Universe will provide.

Something that holds people back more than anything is expectations on when something is going to happen and how.

Focusing on the time and the outcome can cause a lot of anxiety. Anxiety creates a negative vibration which slows down your progress and can even make things worse depending on how much anxiety you have over your situation. Most people feel they need to focus on the outcome in order for the Universe to know what it needs to do for you. You've already put that intention out there by doing the spell(s)... so by you constantly worrying about the time it takes or if it will even work, means you do not trust in the magick and therefore do not trust that the Universe is taking care of things for you. This is not going to help out your situation. If you can't focus on the outcome without bringing up feelings of hurt, resentment, and/or anxiety. You are working against yourself and are actually pushing that person or desired relationship further away from you.

You have to have an unwavering faith that you and that person will be together. You can visualize if you want to (this helps many) but only if it is something that is good for you. Sometimes people are unable to visualize without removing the past or current situation out of the picture. So if you can't visualize with out it causing anxiety or old issues and pain to pop up, don't.

I give people a time line on when their new positive energy and vibration should start helping things change for them... but this is if you are following directions and this of course varies per situation. Someone who is trying to start a new relationship is going to have a different circumstance than someone who is trying to get back her cheating husband. The former usually has less junk energy to sort though and so that person can usually get their vibration fixed faster than the woman dealing with the cheating husband. So naturally, you will have different results than other people.

I'd actually rather not give any time lines, but unfortunately, it is expected and constantly asked about and so this is my general answer that I give out since this is how long it usually takes spell casters to shift their own energy, but again, is not the rule and should not be looked at as such.

If you decide from the get go that you will give it 3 moon cycles then move on... you're going to end up not getting anywhere because you've already given your “true” intentions to the Universe by saying this is not important enough to see though. Not one person that I know of who told me from the start that they are giving it a certain amount of time then moving on, actually got results! They told the Universe two conflicting wishes but focused on the negative and got exactly what they focused on.

You have to not care if it takes weeks, months, or years. A lot of you tell me that this is your soul mate... so I would expect you to decide they will be with you no matter what and not worry about it. I know I wasn't worried about if I would have my soul mate or not... those of you that know our story, know it took some time to snag him. But, not once was I worried about us being together because I knew I'd be with him and realize now looking back, that I always was. If the Universe has deemed you two soul mates and you believe this... then make sure you truly believe it! The less you are concerned about the time frame, the sooner it will happen. It's amazing how fast things happen for those who finally let go of those expectations and give it up to the Universe.

Those who get results faster are those who didn't care how long it took because they knew it would work when things were right. This is the mind set you need to adopt starting right now!

4. Don't expect perfection.

I get several people who will email me excited because they got that phone call they were hoping for, or had a great night with their target, or the break up they were waiting for finally happened. We would celebrate and there would be a lot of renewed faith and hope. Then for some, it would happen... their target would all of a sudden seem “distant”, or there would be an argument over something stupid, or that broken up couple would get back together again.

This is common... there are going to be good days and bad days in any relationship. We can't be positive balls of energy 24/7. We are not robots and are going to have times when we have bad days... but need to realign ourselves as fast as we can when we find our focus is skewed. Heck, I got in a argument with my soul mate yesterday. Did I think it was time for us to call it quits because we were upset with each other? Of course not. Do I think him and I have a bad relationship because we have little problems that pop up from time to time? No, in fact we have an amazing relationship! So, don't think that you are going to be immune from little problems here and there. They will happen and it's ok... you have to instead change your attitude towards them and make sure you get back on track asap.

The focus should be on being thankful and happy on your successes and letting go of the feelings you have when there are set backs. When you do this, you get more and bigger successes and fewer and smaller set backs. If you think back to that boat metaphor I used previously... think about what it looks like when someone is rowing a boat... you see them move forward with each row, but there is also a tiny little push back from the waves that will make them slide back just a teeny tiny bit... but the more they row forward, the sooner they get to their destination. So even with a little push back, as long as you keep rowing, you are going to keep getting to where you need to be.

When we finally see our spells manifesting... we have to keep our energy where it was before those things manifested to keep those things going. Too many times when people get good news, they end up letting their excitement misdirect them from the directions I've laid out since they assumed they were doing their job to get results and started going back to old habits and focusing on the other person's energy, the outcome and the time line again. These instructions are supposed to be used even after you and this person are together and doing great. These instructions are supposed to be followed as long as you want harmony in the relationship. I follow them myself to ensure the best relationship I've ever had in my life continues to be my forever.

So, this again goes back to focusing on your energy. When you get these little successes... thank the Universe and go back to focusing on YOUR energy. That is what helped bring them your way in the first place.

If you end up having little set backs... you need to let them go and get back into focusing on your energy. If your target blocks you on facebook and it causes you to feel bad... you are focusing on their energy... not yours. If you are focusing on two people breaking up... you are not focusing on your energy... you are focusing on theirs. If you have your target become distant... you are focusing on the wrong energy. If you were focusing on your own, you probably wouldn't have noticed it anyway!

I want you to look at today as a new start and start implementing some of these things to help you get to where you want to be with your soul mate. If you've not already read my other article on how to use the LOA, you really should since implementing the LOA into your daily life is how to shift your vibration so that you can attract the relationship you are seeking. The more you learn how to get your vibration where it needs to be, the sooner you will have your heart's desire in your arms!

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