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Patience: A guide and why it's important to your success.

Many of us (ok ALL of us) have a problem with being patient. It's normal in this world as we have been raised to expect what we want when we want it. We need to get rid of this habit since it is going to hold us back in SO many areas in our lives. So how to we fix this? 1. Make sure you are psychically taking care of yourself. Many people have a harder time being patient if they are tired or their blood sugar levels are low because they are not sleeping and eating enough or the right food. Also another thing that helps believe it or not is exercise. Exercise helps up your "happy hormones" as my cousin used to call them. So when you you feel physically better, you are going to be able to feel emotionally better. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals (many people are deficient in magnesium which is a anti stress mineral) and that you are taking care of the keeper of your spirit. Your body really is your temple and you will reflect inside what you reflect outside. So make sure you are taking care of it to the best of your ability. 2. Laugh and find humor in the little things in life. Laughter is one of the best medicines. It is also another producer of happy hormones. It increases your oxygen levels and helps you relax. So talk to a friend that will make you laugh your pants off... watch a funny movie... read something that appeals to your sense of humor... or go youtube cat videos. No one can not hold back when watching the antics of our silly furry feline friends. NO ONE! (; 3. Breathe!

  1. Did you know that most of us do not get the amount of oxygen our bodies are capable of or need. Most of us breathe just with our lungs instead of our whole diaphragm. I leaned this because I am a singer and we are taught that we need to breathe properly in order to sing properly. All singers are taught to breathe from their diaphragm and not just their lungs. Because of this, it really helps calm me down if I put on a track and just sing! So you can do the same and if you feel you don't sing well, who cares? If you feel good, do it!  And you can always try some breathing exercises if you don't want to sing or it is not the best time or place to act out the sound of music. (; There are several breathing exercises out there. One of my favorites because of it's simplicity is taking a big breath for the count of 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and letting it out for 8 seconds. Do this till you feel calmer.  It will help your body relax and is perfect for helping you get more oxygen and allowing yourself to calm down.

  2. Try to take note of your breathing daily and make it a goal to really breathe with your whole body, not just your lungs.

  3. 4. Take care of your emotional well being.

  4. No more negative self talk! Stop being your own worst enemy. Actually no more negative talk about anyone! It does not serve you to judge others either. Your judgement on others is a reflection on how you feel about yourself. We need to stop the bullying cycle even if is only thought and not said. The best way to have a dirty soul is to have a dirty mind. If you are one of those people that get on facebook or read news stories or message board posts and get caught up (or add) to the negative talk. Stop! This will hold you back and will not make you happy. It will make you unhappy and even worse contribute to the bullying and judgement this world does not need. So instead, cleanse your mind and start putting beautiful thoughts in your mind. There are plenty of positive posts and places online. There are plenty of positive books and stories. The quote by Gandhi "I will not let anyone walk though my mind with their dirty feet." is perfect! Apply this quote to yourself and make sure you don't be the person dirtying your mind or doing the same to another person either.

  5. Positive quotes, affirmations and journaling your happy moments will help with this too. I can't tell you how many times I woke up negative in the morning, and had a bad day, but forced myself to go to sleep later that night only after reading tons of positive quotes and inspirational stories and then woke up the next day to something amazing and exciting I wished for but had not expected so soon. So your mental state of mind is important.

  6. 5. Meditate. Sit down daily and find some time to reflect on who you are, what you want, or if you can't focus on anything positive, just focus on emptying your mind. This can take practice, but no thoughts are better than negative thoughts. The goal is to not let any negative thought in your head. If one pops up... let it come in one ear and push it out the other by forcing a more positive thought to take it's place. It is very rejuvenating and just living in the moment allows us to be satisfied about being in that moment.

  7. 6. Get support.

  8. If you need to (most of us do), find a place or person that you can go to that will help you continue to have patience and faith in your dreams so you can keep going and not fall into the pitfalls of impatience. Another person who knows what you are going though might be best person to help support you (this message board could be a great place for this if you all want that) or a friend or family member that supports your dreams and wont judge them. Just make sure you are helping each other positively and not just complaining or looking for reasons to be angry, sad, and scared. That is a easy trap to get into when speaking to others. You need to make sure you really desire patience and happiness, and that your friend or support wants the same things as well. A bitch fest is not healthy. It creates a negative vibration and will not feed your soul. So try to avoid that as much as possible. If your support person or people are bringing you down with their own negative thoughts and complaints, they are not going to be who or what you are looking for in a support system and you should try to put that relationship on hold until you get your own happiness and patience under control. Plenty of people want to be happy and want to find other people with the same desire... these are the people you should seek for support. Another place for support is spiritual support in the form of a church or spiritual group. These are great places as long as the lessons and exercises focus on happiness and positivity. Law of attraction groups and seminars are amazing for this. I'm leery about suggesting church because sadly many churches focus on fear, judgement and negativity but there are churches and church groups that are very positive and desire people to live happy with out judgement so you can seek one of those if you are the kind of person who wants a church setting. But if you find you are not feeling positive and better for going to your spiritual meeting or group, you should find another group because your goal is to make sure you surround yourself with the people and energy you want and need to achieve your goals.

  9. 7. Live in the moment.

  10. So many times when we are upset we are living and dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This is not going to help you become a happy or patient person. So instead write down your negative thought, seal it in a envelope and tell yourself you will come back to it later so you can right now focus on where you are right now and find a way to enjoy that present moment.

  11. 8. Be thankful for what you have and all you have already accomplished.

  12. When we want things, it is easy to look past the things we used to want and finally obtained and our personal successes. Take a moment and write it down. Write down what you've done in your life, no matter how small. Write down things you have in your life now you didn't used to have. Be thankful for the people you have in your life. Be thankful for small things, like the ability to speak. The ability to see all the gorgeous colors. Be thankful you have a roof over your head. Maybe it is not the final desire and just a stepping stone to the mountain top you are hoping to reach someday, but you need to be thankful for all the little steps up that mountain because without them, you would trip and never reach where you were going in the first place. So look at what you have now and be excited that they are little steps that you've already climbed to get to your destination. Be thankful for the people who helped you climb those little steps. When you can look down the mountain you are climbing (even if you are on your first step) and be excited and thankful for where you are right now, it will give you the energy and courage to keep climbing. This is one of the many reasons being thankful is SO important.

  13. These are a great start. You can for sure add any tips that help you out. If you want... print it out and keep around you so you can come back to this list when you are getting impatient. It's going on the blog since I think it is so important... for myself included. (: So if it gets lost in the message board, you can find it in the blog. You will thank yourself later when your dreams manifest and you realize it was because you simply too the time to change the way you feel about yourself and the world and allowed yourself to be patient and thankful for who you are and what you already have. Written by Audra

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