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Positive Energy Boost, New Email, New Start!

This is going to be a long post! It was put on the message board, but is for everyone! :-) At the moment, I am working on emailing people and helping give advice and comfort more then I actually work on my spells. I am a spell caster yet I spend more time talking to people then doing my actual spells. But I care about you guys and don't mind trying to talk through your problems and letting you know what actions you should take to change your circumstances. I have people coming to me who have some of the most desperate situations you can imagine and I spend a lot of time trying to make sure everyone gets the same amount of attention. I have several people who will email me several times a day or keep sending their email over and over again to make sure their email goes to the top. That is one of the reason's why I can do the spells very easily yet get behind on emails. I don't just stop emailing people or cutting them off after a certain time period like most other casters do. I keep talking to everyone as long as I am needed and that even includes people who already got success. People who have been working with me for years can vouch for this. I consider them friends and keep talking to them since I do love and care for them. I also have a lot of people helping me with my spell casting but hardly anyone helping with emails because they can't. Since emails are so personal between myself and that person, it is almost impossible to really let other people start giving advice since they would not know what me and that person were talking about and would just be cutting in. It is like talking to a friend about a situation and then having a stranger cut in and give their opinion. It does not work well and can cause more problems then solutions. I also had Myles and Audra help with letting people know updates and other mundane emails and people got mad it was not me emailing them. People expect me to email them. Another thing I thought about mentioning long ago... almost everyone labels their emails "Urgent". These include people just asking me quick questions and other non urgent emails just because EVERYONE wants to be responded to first. Because of this, I can't just filter out important emails and non important emails. I thought about having an emergency email, but I know what would happen is everyone would just use that one instead. I just have to go down the line when I get in my inbox. So don't get offended if your email marked urgent didn't get answered any faster. I usually go from top to bottom with my inbox. I don't just scroll through and pick out emails that look the most appealing or urgent to me. In my inbox, they all look the same! lol Some people I will admit, I do give a bit more attention to, but these are people who have a history of being self destructive physically and mentally. I have a lot of mentally unstable people I work with who I try to give a lot of attention to since I know they need it more then other people. I have a person who needs me to tell her every day that I will always be there for her. If I don't she will get into a depression and will cut herself or worse since she needs to feel I am there since she is terrified I am going to leave her. So there are a few who I do make sure I email every day. Seriously though, you don't want their problems and so you are lucky you don't need the daily "everything is ok" email! But I am going to be trying to find a better system since people are feeling neglected and I don't want anyone to feel that way. I know all your cases and each of you needs love and support and I want to be there for you.    I think everyone agrees that when we are talking positive and helping one another on the board, people tend to get faster results with there spells, right? So instead of pointing blame and getting upset and hurt, lets all agree to start over in the interest of getting the positive energy back up and getting spell work moving in the direction it needs to be going. I care a LOT about all of you and I am pretty sure you all care about me and about each other. We are better than this and can start helping one another out instead of feeling negative and upset. I can understand your point of view and have made sure I am getting things in order to give you all the attention you need and I thank all of you who have supported me and have let me know how much you care for me which is something I've needed right now especially. You guys have no idea how much the supportive posts and emails have meant to me and it has helped get me out of my depression so I can help you all with what is going on with you. I sometimes wonder if when I get bummed out you guys can feel it too since I notice the board starts getting negative if I'm having a hard time. I think honestly we are all very interconnected and that is a good thing since we can help each other out more. So I am going to work on getting my positive energy up so it will in turn help all of you. I think we all need to work on this actually! :-) I will be working very, very hard to get to everyone's emails. If you are expecting a email back from me and have not gotten one yet, please post on the board letting me know so I can look for it. I don't know you guys by your usernames since on my side it does not show it. So it would help if you could put your first name and last initial down or something like that. I will let you know if I find it by replying to it and if I can't find it, more then likely it was lost when my computer crashed and I will let you know to resend. I am also wondering if some of my emails to you all didn't get to you since some of you mentioned you had been waiting about news on how your spells went. I am very good at making sure people get news on their work, so this is surprising to me. So we will get this worked out. I think everything that has happened here has caused problems in emails for sure, but the biggest blow was losing emails as I don't know if someone had emailed me something important. So we will be trying to work on taking care of those who did get their emails lost. I just wont know who they were until I start getting through my emails. Since I will be up all night emailing, the coven wanted to let everyone know they can do positive energy boosts for you all. We have a email we just set up which will go directly to the coven which is Let them know your name, DOB, and they will get a boost done for you tonight. General questions can go there as well. If you don't mind who is emailing you, you will get a faster response for general questions. So lets all agree to start getting positive since we all want success and happiness! :-) I hope this helped you guys out to know what is going on and to know things will be taken care of and I hope we can move on and forward from this point. We are a family here and it is natural that people are going to get upset from time to time. Since I am not perfect even I am going to mess up, so I hope you all can forgive and give me time to get things back on track since we do have a pretty good group of people on here! :-) Again, everyone, THANK YOU for so much love and support. Things are thankfully getting better and I know it is in part because of the positive energy from you all. Many Blessings, Robin P.S. Audra is out of the hospital and wanted to let you all know she loves you bunches and hopes to be back on board soon! So positive things happening already! ;-)

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