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Reality Check! LOA lesson #1

I hate to be an example of the negative side of the law of attraction, but this week... I've been the prime example! lol Myself of ALL people needs to prove that even when you feel at your lowest, you can survive. The law of attraction is a principle that says you get what you give. If you think, say, or do something, bad or good, you will send energy into the universe to attract more of that. Even I have my moments when the law of attraction is hard for me to follow in a positive way. Yes, even I am human! lol Shocking, right! lol These last 2 weeks have been one of those moments when I just felt my world was crashing. It wasn't and it isn't but everyone knows when something comes up that is hurtful, it can sometimes take all your attention away from the positive. People who know me, know I am very sensitive when it comes to my feelings. The positive on being a sensitive person is that you can empathize with people and be a good listener and friend, the negative is that your feelings can get hurt and you can just obsess on the pain. I made the choice to let it get to me and I shouldn't have. That was my choice and my choice was announced to the universe so that I it could give me more of the choice I made, good or bad. I know better! These last 2 weeks, I would go to bed dreading waking up worried what I would see. I would wake up in the middle of the night to check my phone to see what else is going on. Sure enough, when I woke up, things were worse and I would be upset and feel even sadder. Do you know what i was doing? I was telling the universe to let me see something bad and hurtful when I woke. The universe said "Your wish is my command."

I realized after a client gave me some tough love that how can I expect all of you to get through your darkest hours if I cant? Actually this is not even close to my darkest hour. It is actually something that started out small and really is not as big as I felt it was. But my anxiety blew it up. But my own anxiety was felt by all of you because you are all connected to me. So it has not been fair of me to allow myself to be weakened by something that has honestly been so stupid and almost funny looking back on it. So I realize that I need to lead by example! So many of you have become such good friends and almost like family that sometimes I've come to you when I am having a hard time. I know so much about you and feel so strongly about everything you want, need and feel, that I do feel a close bond and have been bold enough to share when I am feeling happy or sad. But since you all look at me to lead by example, I realize I can't do this. I have had a slap in the face moment when I realized I did not follow the most basic principle of the law of attraction. I mean, this has been law of attraction 101 stuff here! lol I am sure Niko is nodding his head at this moment. ;-) I kept fearing things were going to be worse, obsessing over it in fact, and the more I did this, the worse it got. I am sure I was like some of you when you keep looking at your target's facebook page and using the Google as your own private investigator. lol Remember how many times I told you to stop doing that. This is why! So since I shared how I felt and shared how defeated I felt, several of you got involved to help me because naturally, we care about each other and don't want to see anyone we care about in pain. As much as I love each and every one of you for this. I realize this just is negative energy you are giving out to the universe which is not going to help you out either. So at this moment, I want a truce. I am NOT going to look at any reports or anything that hurts me anymore. I am going to change my success stories format to ensure that people can not spam this site. I also want every one of you not to comment or say anything, don't even to stand up for me if you see something written that is hurtful since YOU are my #1 priority! I don't want you putting out anything negative to the universe because naturally, it does come back and will keep feeding the monster. This site is going to remain positive and happy because many of you have found a safe haven here! I've always wanted a place where people could come and learn about the law of attraction, feel positive and feel good about the changes they see in their life. We have something a lot of others don't have. We have a message board full of people who have never met, yet love and care for each other. We don't have bullies or people looking down on each other for sharing their feelings. We have a place where people having a hard time with their spells, the law of attraction or just life in general can vent and where tons of people will step up to give encouragement and love. That is something unique.

Many have told me they have this site book marked or even as their home page because they feel happy and good when they see it. That is what I want. I want when people come here to feel a jolt of happiness. So I don't want any negativity, especially from me to take that away. So from this point on, lets focus on sending our positive energy into the universe. Let's keep committed to our goals and strive to practice the law of attraction even if at times it does not feel like anything is going your way. The universe is intelligent, it will listen to us. So we need to make sure if we want to live happy lives we say, think, and do things in a positive way so that the universe will feel our positive energy and bless us with more. :-)

The lesson learned here is that anyone can have a hard week or month or year, but it is what you do today to change it that matters. You have the greatest tool available to you and no... it is not magick, it is the law of attraction! No matter how you are feeling right now, make a promise to yourself to make tomorrow better. Remember that so many miracles have taken place and no matter where you are right now, miracles can happen. You've just got to ask for one! So let's move past yesterday since there is so much more to look forward to tomorrow. :-)

In closing, I wanted to let everyone know I have some ebooks on the law of attraction I can send to anyone who wants them. Please request them here since I don't want people to be blowing up my already packed inbox with requests. ;-)

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps give you a boost and let you know the Robin you know as the strong and positive woman is back! :-)

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