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So I Started A Blog

There are so many times when I want to post about my feelings, post news, or just vent like anyone else. I always felt weird posting it on the front page since sometimes it would seem too petty or it looks like too many words for first time viewers to have to fish though. If I post it on the message board, not everyone can see it until they request the password, so that doesn't work either. So after some thought, I decided I should start a blog! :-)

As everyone knows, things are very, very busy right now here since I still have holiday back up with emails. I've never had this many emails in my inbox at one time and it is a bit overwhelming plus I need to get started on a extended weekend of casting coming up tomorrow! But I wanted to get this posted since I feel it is important! I will continue emailing into the night when I am done posting this so all you still waiting for a email... I promise I wont forget about you! :-)

This January is a special January since it marks the beginning of 2012 which is a year where there is a lot of uncertainty with a lot of people. But it is also the year of hope! It is a new start and a new opportunity to make sure we live our lives in a way we can look back on and be proud. It is a fresh start in allowing us to finding happiness and enjoying the people we care about the most. Many people have resolutions and lists of things they hope to achieve this year. My hope is that many of you after learning a bit about the law of attraction will take this tool and run with it! It truly is a way to ensure that you have the life you've always wanted. One of the gifts I hoped I could give people more then anything was the opportunity to realize we all carry a little magick in us and all have the ability to create our own future!

So in saying that, my New Years resolution is to reach out to as many people and help them learn about and implement the techniques of the law of attraction to enrich their lives and to give them a new sense of hope, peace and happiness! It is like that saying about teaching a man to fish so he can eat for a life time. I am a spell caster and love to do spells for people, but my main goal is to also be a teacher. If I can get the message about the power of the law of attraction across, then my spells will be even more successful and people will get lifetime results and happiness. I feel this is what it is all about! :-)

Many Blessings and Happy New Year!


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