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Spring Cleaning! Are you ready to get more success and feel good about life?

Are you ready for March coming up in a few days? They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, I assume since most people have very cold weather in the beginning of March but then there is a shift in energy and weather becomes nice and inviting! :-) But this is a good time for using this energy shift to help with your spells. Spring is a re-birth and you should use this time and the month of March to get your energy renewed. Cleanses really help! Cleanses of all types!

Cleaning your space around you... house, office space, car and anywhere else you dwell since positive feelings can't dwell in negative cluttered spaces.Cleaning your body... eat organic food, drink extra water, and if you can do some organ cleanse programs like a liver and kidney cleanse.Cleanse your aura and spirit... meditate, get a salt lamp to bring you negative ions (negative ions are good!), re-evaluate your spiritual path and make any necessary changes.Cleanse your social life... look at the people around you and figure out who is healthy for you and who isn't. Try to surround yourself with positive and healthy people for you. This is one aspect a lot of people forget since no one wants to end relationships... but some people can be psychic vampires for us and hold us back from happiness. So it is best to try to give ourselves space from these people while we are healing at least so we can re-gain our strength.

So please do try and write up some goals for March and do some "Spring Cleaning" as it will improve your energy immensely! Your energy shift will help with any spell work needing to manifest as a extra bonus! :-) So make a list for each of these four categories and try to work on it next month since it is the PERFECT time!

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