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The Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic Can Turn Into A Pandemic of Positive Energy and Hope.

Over the last couple weeks I've been talking to a lot of you through emails and texts about this Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic and all of the fear and stagnation it has caused. I wanted to make sure I addressed this issue though a blog because it will reach more people and hopefully give you something to look back to when you need some hope. First and foremost... it is going to be ok!! So, please let go of all that fear and anxiety right now because THAT is the only thing that will hurt you right now.

It's probably weird to some, but I actually look at this as an opportunity world wide to push the re-set button and to start looking at what we consider important in our daily lives. This is the only time in our lives we've seen the whole world put on lock down and asked to stay inside. I know that thought is terrifying, but it shouldn't be, and here is why: Our busy, anxious driven, fast paced world is being forced to quiet down and rest. We are given the time to create art, write poetry, make family dinners, get to know our children, snuggle with our pets, communicate with one another, pray and meditate, make love, heal the planet with less activity, get to know and care for our neighbors, make music, share ideas and hope, teach one another, find the value of people we we've over looked in our lives, practice gratitude, get some rest, sing, laugh, read. The list goes on and on.

If you look at the environmental impact alone, it's a massive change. With so many planes grounded and less automobiles on the road in all cities world wide, air pollution has dropped significantly. Even the murky water in some popular tourist spots (Venice for example) are for once crystal clear since these places are no longer being abused by massive waves of tourists and boats. We've talked for decades about doing more to heal our planet but we knew we wouldn't act unless forced to. This is that opportunity to force us into action. Businesses are seeing that they actually are able to continue on having their employees working from home instead of coming to the office daily. This is giving them the knowledge and incentives to continue these moves even after this quarantine is up. We are seeing how important and easy it is to eat from home and of all things... give up our dependence on toilet paper and single use products. Our planet will benefit greatly from this quarantine IF we use this time to implement lasting change.

We are given the opportunity to practice gratitude for all the little things we have in our lives. One of the principles of the law of attraction is to practice gratitude, even for the little things. This can be difficult since we take so much for granted daily, but now that we are at home and are forced to practice mindfulness, we are given a chance to recognize how rich we are in our daily lives and how many people contribute to our happiness daily. We are able to see how important teachers are now that we have our kids home and are learning how difficult it is to keep them on schedule and get them to do their school work. We are able to see how much nurses and doctors sacrifice of themselves and their families to come to the front of the line to make sure all of us are cared for. We see how much we need and value those working and stocking things at the grocery stores, our truck drivers, delivery services, utility services, and other retail stores, and how essential they are to making sure we have enough to eat, keeping us hygienic, and healthy. We are able to see the amazing amounts of kindness all around us when we see our neighbors volunteer to help and give away what extra they have to make sure their community is cared for. We see how thankful we are for the internet, TV, news sources, our phone service and even social media when it comes to keeping up to date with each other. We see a few examples of negativity for sure, but overall, what this is showing us is that we are very lucky and have so much to be thankful for right now! There have been so many examples to give you hope in humanity right now!

I want you to take a moment and look at this pandemic not as a pandemic of illness and fear, but as a pandemic of opportunity and hope. This is the time to slow down and take note of the things you are grateful for and to use this opportunity to heal your energy and heal the energy of the world with love and light. Is this hard right now? Of course it is. Healing and recovery are always hard but we always come out so much better at the end. We are healing and recovering on a global level right now and that in itself is going to cause anxiety and uncertainty. We have never been through some thing like this and unfortunately the first to comment always seems to be those doomsday predictors and fear machines but that is why people like me need to come forward and give messages of hope and optimism. All of us light workers are seeing all the positives that will be coming from this. Those doomsday predictors have proven to be anything but psychic as they have a very bad track record and are definitely not connected to the Universe. So keep that in mind when you start to worry about the long term effects of this. Instead of passing on their messages of fear, hopelessness and confusion, make it a priority to instead spread as much love and light to those who are around you right now. Share stories and examples of people doing beautiful things for each other, messages of hope, messages of peace, and as much laughter and humor as you can muster! Try to stay away from anything that is negative and anything that will cause you anxiety right now. This forced mindfulness and opportunity to slow down is something all the light workers and empaths of the world have been preparing for and getting excited about. We are here for you all! So you are all in good hands and you can help contribute to the positive energy we need right now!

Please lean on me when you need to. I will be doing massive Positive Energy Boosts nightly, so if you want your name added to the list, please let me know though email ( and you'll get in on the next one! :-) Also, keep in mind that Aura Cleanses and Chakra Cleanses are very recommended right now for extra healing and to help with any anxiety and depression that comes to the surface. Make sure you are flushing your body with plenty of fresh clean water and using your free time to focus on gratitude and to pray and meditate. This is a once in a life time opportunity, so make sure you are making the most of it right now!! :-)

Many Blessings


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