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The New Moon in Aries is Here, be Ready for a Cosmic Restart.

Every month, the new moon gives us a fresh start and the opportunity to purge our lives of anything that is no longer serving us. New moons are the cosmic resets of the astrological universe.

The new moon and the full moon are two of the most dramatic times in the lunar cycle.

The former is a more subtle experience, while the later is strong and dramatic, but this doesn't make it any more compelling.

The new moon, which symbolizes the start of a new chapter, really serves as the catalyst for everything we're hoping to achieve for ourselves, especially if we are using magick during this time. Themes and circumstances that often surface during a new moon point to goals and ambitions that are just waiting to be seized. And it will have *that* much more chance of success if you deliberately use magick to enhance the success of a project or encourage commitment in a relationship during a new moon!

The first new moon of spring, which occurs on March 21, is in aggressive, passionate, and competitive Aries, underlining our urge to act on our impulses and follow our gut feelings.

Embrace the unrestrained flames of Aries as it ignites your fire because you have been languishing in the lethargic and weepy energies of Pisces season for far too long. Aries is always confident in their ability to succeed, so now is the ideal moment to make a goal and put all of your heart into it. This new moon will propel you into greatness and promise for the future, we'll feel these vibrations.

While most new moons tend to make us feel like we need more sleep, this one, in the fire sign of Aries, may give us the boost of vigor and inspiration we've been looking for.

This new moon is particularly noteworthy since it occurs at precisely 0 degrees Aries.

After all, degree 0 signifies the start of a new adventure and the purest manifestation of that zodiac sign.

The first eclipse season of the year is quickly approaching, bringing with it a period of uncertainty. Eclipses are occasions for surrender rather than to be controlled or harnessed. Start your initiatives right away, achieve your biggest aspirations, and set your objectives in motion. Positive thinking and achievement are in season.

There are a few planetary happenings to be aware of during this new moon. For starters, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be close to the sun and the moon, making our communication with others fast and harsh. There is impetuous energy under these moonbeams and we may feel called to act now, feeling more reactive and decisive. Do your best to temper your impatient nature. While Aries energy is exciting and motivating, its spark can burn out just as quickly as it started.

Mars, the planet of desire, will also be a planet to watch out for because it will be in the closing degrees of Gemini and in a broad aspect to Neptune, prompting us to take it easy and define what we want to achieve. Push through your anxieties during this madness and embrace all of the closet demons you have. It's crucial to accept our dark side. Mars has been in Gemini for the last seven months, putting our capacity to concentrate, communicate, and deliberate digesting of information to the test. Because to the paranoia of the Pisces season, it has also been testing the limits of our aggressiveness.

Mars is the God of War in astrology, thus we should be extremely cautious about how we connect with others at this time. This is particularly true when Mars is in Gemini, the sign of the zodiac that governs thought and communication.

Those who detect the powerful energy from Mars flowing in to counteract it by doing vigorous exercising. Yes, you heard me correctly! That energy is begging to be released. Release it in a positive and efficient way. Try a new exercise class (boxing, anyone?) or simply going for a walk in the park. You may need to release some pent up energy and this is the ideal opportunity to get your body moving.

It is important to keep our long-term vision in mind while we strive toward our objectives in order to make the most of these vibrations. Focus on yourself and what you hope to manifest under this new moon. Do you have a specific objective in mind? Do you desire a more genuine presence in the world? Have you ever felt prompted to take a risk but your rational mind keeps telling you not to? How can you better care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs?

Pluto, the Planet of Death and Rebirth, enters Aquarius shortly after this new moon.

This is a incredible event which carries intense energy because it is the first in more than 200 years. Pluto adds even more new energy that embraces transformations and beginnings.

Anything we start during this window will have a lasting impact. It would be best to channel this vigor and use it to your ultimate advantage at this current moment. This new moon may seem like lighting a match to the rough surface of your rage since it aligns with Mars in Gemini. Use your passion to achieve greatness. What will you set blaze to next?

Love & Light,


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