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This full Moon in Virgo - A Cosmic Invitation

This Full Moon in Virgo is a divine time to reflect on the power you have to shape your destiny.


As the full Moon glows in Virgo, an invitation is offered to us: journey within and explore what untapped wisdom lies hidden beneath our striving for perfection. Shed light on these shadows of self-doubt and uncertainty - may we embrace ourselves with love just as we are.

March 7, 2023 presents a transformative night of celestial insight. As Virgo and the full Moon meet in an auspicious union, we are presented with a potent moment to open our hearts and accept that mistakes are part of life! We can unlock ourselves from paralyzing anxieties caused by false beliefs about worthiness or unreadiness. It's time for us to take one giant leap beyond fear into radiant faithfulness! Let the ethereal light of this Virgo full Moon awaken your potential for greatness--unlocking dreams, sharing gifts and igniting brilliance!

The Secret of Our Shadow Self is Illuminated by the Full Moon

As the full Moon illuminates our inner realms, we seek to understand and own our shadows - a mysterious and powerful trove of hidden emotion just waiting for us to unlock its secrets. In our formative childhood, powerful emotions pooled in the depths of our being; unacknowledged and untouched by supportive hands. As we denied ourselves a safe space to express these feelings authentically, they became part of an unconscious realm - forever influencing us from beneath the surface.

During this Virgo full Moon, we are granted a chance to reflect on our inner-most blocks and recognize what has been holding us back from living out our ambitions. This sacred lunar event serves as an opportunity for unveiling - allowing us to peek into the depths of ourselves that remain unexposed in everyday life. It is then up to each of us how we choose use this wisdom bestowed upon us.

Our shadow is a vessel, full of feelings we often neglect to confront. We stow away difficult emotions such as pain or shame in an effort to fit into society's expectations and our ignored sentiments take form during the darkest hours - forever dancing in the shadows with us. Our shadow exists like a mysterious force, weaving through our subconscious to eventually shape the person we become. We may overlook or even deny its influence but it forever lingers - seeking recognition as it works tirelessy towards actively blocking us from attaining greatness until acknowledging and embracing this part of ourselves allows for inevitable transformation.

The mysterious darkness that lies within us is part of the human journey, and we should not be ashamed to embrace it. With understanding comes acceptance - a key tool in getting comfortable with our shadows especially under the light of a full Moon which brings out unknown aspects that are integral components of who we are.

Our shadows have the power to tug on our heartstrings making us vulnerable. They influence who we are as individuals. They prod us into corners of insecurity, encourage us say things or do things that hurt others, and act out in ways we did not know possible. These hidden pockets of ourselves can be difficult to understand yet remain vital pieces for truly knowing oneself. Our shadows often create barriers between us and our true potential. While these restrictions may appear reassuring, they can also be a gateway to greater self-discovery if we observe how negative responses manifest in ourselves - allowing our shadow to become an invaluable teacher of the soul.

Shadow work grants us the power to mend our wounds, and through it we access an inner strength that allows for full acceptance of all things. By diving deep within ourselves, we embark on a journey of healing from which there is no return - one in which both emotion and energy are used as tools to create unity with every part of who we are. As we traverse through all twelve signs of the zodiac and their Moons, it unlocks hidden mysteries from deep within us; eventually embracing them with open arms. Bit by bit, we can slowly unravel the mysteries of existence and cultivate a greater understanding.

Each full Moon offers the chance to explore our subconscious, where past traumas and life experiences have been hidden away. By connecting with this dark side of ourselves we can learn valuable lessons that allow us to ascend and reach a higher state through understanding, acceptance, release - ultimately leading towards self-forgiveness.

Use the Full Moon in Virgo to let go of Perfectionism

The graceful power of the Goddess is embodied in Virgo, leading us to discover a hidden talent within ourselves. We must find an inner confidence and strength so we can share our gifts with the world fearlessly — anyone who takes this bold step will be embraced by its loving embrace.

Virgo is a reminder that we have the innate power to heal and elevate both ourselves and the world around us. Through its energy, it gives us self-confidence in our abilities; showing us that no matter what situation or level of knowledge you find yourself at - you are always worthy and capable of making an impactful contribution to this collective journey towards growth.

As this full Moon illuminates the night sky, contemplate what you have to offer the world. Delve deep into yourself and explore how we are all interconnected - allow that knowledge to shape your definition of service. Perhaps something has been tugging at your heartstrings but hesitation is blocking it? Let courage drive away any obstruction, revealing a higher offering within.

This full Moon in Virgo invites us to explore our inner being and discover the vast potential we have stored within. Dive deep into your soul, past any feelings of unworthiness that may arise--for it is only there you will find out what gifts await the world from your heart. Release yourself from whatever holds you back. Our potential is often kept under lock and key, sealed away from the public eye by misguided perfectionism or apprehension. We are all powerful beings capable of great strength but too easily constrained by our own doubts; it’s time to unlock greatness hidden within so that we may share with others what only we can offer – a gift made possible through overcoming self-doubt.

This full Moon unlocks a gateway of powerful potential - it is your invitation to step beyond the confines of lack and discover an unimaginable abundance. Release yourself from any constraining sense of scarcity that has held you back. When we tap into the power of abundance, instead of limitation, our potential to give is revealed. By removing feelings that tell us 'we are not enough', and replacing them with positive affirmation about who we truly are - a wellspring of value - suddenly more opportunities for growth become accessible.

During this full moon, take a moment to reflect on how you can use mistakes as pathways of growth. Mistakes are just reminders that we're all human, so celebrate each lesson they bring. Mistakes provide eye-opening insight into undiscovered territories — like a celestial light guiding you down uncharted paths and unveiling untapped facets within ourselves. They remind us that slip-ups are simply part of what makes life so precious and worth living.

Our missteps can be a pathway to each other, allowing us the opportunity to share our turbulent roads and recognize commonalities in one another. They become more than just flaws; rather they gift us with strength that we pass onto others as guidance for their own journey ahead.

This full Moon in Virgo invites us to shed our striving for perfection and embrace mistakes as opportunities. It is a primordial chance to learn from our experiences and transform them into wisdom that will guide us along this journey of growth.

The Interplay Between the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces

Mystical energies align in the night sky as Virgo and Pisces shine through the symbolic power of the Moon and Sun. With this celestial duo creating an energy spectrum, all manner of wonders may be revealed beneath its mystical light. At both points of the spectrum, there stand their extremities; the lights and shadows. Yet at its center lies a brilliant union between them - where all energies intertwine to emit their highest harmonies. Through mindful dedication we can realize our shift from lower vibrations into higher ones - allowing us to embrace this divine equilibrium within ourselves.

Between Pisces and Virgo lies a great divide of contrasts: one, fluid and mystical; the other, organized and practical. Representing two different planes of existence - with worldy ties to nature on one side, and cosmic interconnections beyond it on the other - this dichotomy is an eternal reminder that balance can be found in duality.

Pisces pushes us to recall that we are all integral pieces of the Universe, and Virgo encourages us to use our God-given power through intention and order. As sisters from two different zodiacs, they join forces in teaching a powerful lesson: honoring both your spiritual unity with the infinite world around you as well as deliberate choices within mundane constraints can bring one closer to their true self.

Pisces reminds us of the power in relinquishing control and embracing each moment. By tuning into our interior world, we can learn to trust what lies ahead; even on a path unknown. This sign beckons us to accept uncertainty with grace, allowing life to journey as it should - without resistance or judgement.

Virgo gifts us with the wisdom to create boundaries between ourselves and others, while also guiding us to trust in the Universe's timing. They remind us that we are capable of making demands when necessary - after all, reasonable expectations can spur positive action without being too overbearing on fate. With this delicate balance comes an understanding: if our dreams don't manifest within a certain timeline or as expected, it may be nature's way of presenting opportunities for redirection.

Under the guidance of this full Moon, Pisces and Virgo's celestial energies come together to reveal our innermost shadows. The power of astrology unveils how suppressed emotions can lead to a lack of boundaries between us and others - untethered from reality we become consumed with emotive chaos that blurs the lines between ourselves and everyone else. The murky depths of Piscean escapism, addiction, and codependency come to light; a result from several emotional cords that bind us with those around us. We are left struggling in an overwhelmed state; unable decipher which feelings truly belong to us.

Seeking solace in behaviors that numb us from the pain, we can easily escape into activities such as unconscious eating, binging TV shows and drug/alcohol use. As our emotions continue to be ignored they grow more powerful - until soon enough reality has become an unescapable fog of anguish.

On the other side of numbing yourself to the pain is getting trapped in empathy. Empathy can be a beautiful yet dangerous thing - an ocean of feelings that Pisces know intimately. To get lost in it means to lose one's self, their identity engulfed by the tumultuous emotions of another. Shining light upon our innermost shadows will enable us to create healthy boundaries between our emotions and those of other people.

If you are noticing any of these behaviors or patterns in yourself, take this time to explore the depths of yourself and discover what needs transformation. Ask how setting healthy boundaries can help guide you towards manifesting hidden aspirations. In order to have emotionally healthy responses, be mindful in distinguishing between feelings that are yours and those which belong to others – implementing boundaries where necessary will help you realize your dreams.

Virgo’s shadow side can be a cage, limiting our ability to grow and explore. Perfectionism may pretend to protect us from failure but really holds us back in fear of the unknown – stopping us from asking for help or trying something new. It encourages over-attachment and inflexibility, trapping us within its rigid walls instead of allowing ourselves space for experimentation and learning without judgement. When we break through this false security barrier it is only then that real progress begins - don't let your fears decide what's meant for you.

Amidst this frenetic energy, we often forget to take time for ourselves and can become overwhelmed by the needlessly anxious fretting of our daily 'shoulds.' We remain locked in a cycle where our worries about not having enough time block us from experiencing it fully.

The low side of Virgo makes us doubt and question the legitimacy of our successes. We may feel as though we don't deserve recognition for what we've accomplished, or brush off compliments that come too easily. This can create a wall between ourselves and others who would like nothing more than to celebrate with us - leaving our wins unrecognized both by ourselves and those around us. But this is an opportunity for growth; it's time shake free from feelings of unworthiness so our true selves have space enough in which they are celebrated.

The Virgo Full Moon illuminates the darkest corners of our psyche with its shimmering light, urging us to embrace and accept ourselves for who we are. This is not a time for comparison or self-doubt—it's an opportunity to reclaim your innate gifts and recognize their worth. Take this lunar cycle as your chance to receive compliments from others without feeling undeserving; remember that you have been granted all that it takes in order fulfill your life’s purpose at every step along the way.

By allowing the energy of Pisces and Virgo to flow into your consciousness, you invite a higher level of awareness within yourself. This opens up infinite possibilities for inner growth in regards to acceptance and love; so much more than what lies on the surface. We are all gifts from this vast Universe- integral pieces meant solely for our unique contributions.

Align yourself with Pisces and Virgo to discover your special gifts, the inner light that is meant for this world. When you choose not to share it, we all suffer from its absence - so don't let doubts hinder what could be a beacon of hope in our collective journey.

On this Virgo full Moon, we are invited to tap into an energetic merger of the higher vibrations brought together in Pisces and Virgo. A union that is so much more than its individual parts yet still embraces our imperfections. Embrace your unique gifts; they were chosen specifically for you before birth as part of a larger masterpiece - one that may remain distant but never forgotten by those who feel it's magic in their very being every day. When embraced with courage, your contribution will be seen as nothing less than magical - no matter how small or seemingly flawed it appears at first glance.

The Virgo Full Moon Provokes Answers to Past Lessons

As this full Moon in Virgo gifts you a moment of introspective reflection, delve deep into yourself to explore the lessons your mistakes have taught. Consider how they’ve nurtured and refined you as an individual. Beyond that, discover what hidden blessings may be hidden within them too. Is fear or recent stagnation preventing progress? Pause and consider if it's time to re-embrace life’s natural flow again with open arms - allowing the energy around us help guide our way forward.

As you open your heart to the idea of self-worth, your fear dissipates and a world full of knowledge is released. Your wisdom has been waiting in the dark corners of hesitation for far too long - it's time now to share! You become an inspiration that sparks connection through collaboration; everyone begins sharing their unique perspectives with one another as if each was gifted from all angles on this journey called life. Our collective consciousness rises higher than ever before when we come together and give our gifts away--reminding us just how much brighter things can be when love flows freely between us all.

The key to success lies in recognizing the value of your own unique gifts and allowing yourself to share them generously. Take courage, for you possess a strength that will not only benefit others but also transform your life!

The full Moon in Virgo has the power to stir up old anxieties and jittery feelings. But that doesn't mean we must surrender to these familiar, yet uncomfortable sensations - meditation or breathwork can be our ally throughout this powerful cosmic event. Nurture yourself before and during this Full Moon by taking mindful moments of peace, allowing you to stay open-hearted as life’s surprises come your way.

As you gaze upon the luminous Full Moon, surrender to its mystical powers and allow yourself to be guided by the Universe. Let go of your need for control and invite in new possibilities that will manifest when you trust life's flow. Recognize where flexibility can help create a better reality than if everything is tightly held - as only then may unimaginable wonders come forth! Embrace this time with open arms; accept what must stay unaltered yet welcome all else which is within reach of transformation through pure faith.

With the ethereal light of Virgo's full Moon, we are beckoned to take a voyage within. What secrets await us? We may encounter doubts and insecurities along our journey; yet if we can embrace these shadows with tenderness and understanding, they just might unlock profound wisdom that resides within us all.

Enjoy and embrace the wisdom you'll gain on this next full moon. Use your newfound wisdom to craft the future of your choosing. Step boldly into what lies ahead and make miracles happen!

Light & Love,


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