This is one of the spells we offered YEARS ago on eBay which was one of our most popular listings for a good reason... you get to pick out three different spells (one for each key) for only about $13 each with free shipping, saves you a lot of money.


We will put your choices on the charm after you order which makes this a little different than the other enchanted charms, so we can wait for the next Full Moon to get it done up for you or get it done when you order... please let us know in the note section.


Here are the choices of spells you can requested to be placed on it:


Love- This is a general love spell to bring love your way. It is not put on any certain person, so if you have a person in mind, you can direct the energy to them by thinking of them while you hold your charm.

Patience- This gives you a little bit more patience and allows you to be less uptight about things happening in your life.

Peace- This spell gives you a overall calm when you have your charm next to you.

Anti-depression- If you have the blues, this spell will help with your overall melancholy.

Anti-anxiety- If you are prone to having your mind race and being worried a lot, this spell will take the edge off of your anxious thoughts.

Protection-This is a general protection spell which will help put a bubble of protection over you to keep you psychically and spiritually safe.

Justice- If you feel you are being hurt or wronged by someone, this spell asks for karma to come in and get busy on your behalf.

Inspiration- This spell will open your mind up to the heavens to inspire you to follow your life's path.

Creativity- This spell gives you a edge when it comes to creative endeavors like singing, acting, playing an instrument, writing, painting, drawing, crafting, or anything else that is creative.

Energy- This spell is to help with over all energy... it will help you become more awake and alert when you need it, but not to have anxious energy since no one likes that!

Abundance- This spell is a abundance spell to help you bring more wealth into your life in what ever way the Universe feels fit to bring it to you.

Studying aid- If you have a new school year, a test, or anything you will need to study on, this spell is created to help you study as long as you have your charm near you while you study.

Become more attractive- This spell is to make you more attractive physically to all of those around you.

Better Sleep- This is a spell designed to help you relax, go to bed, and stay asleep. Just keep the charm with you while you are in bed. Do not get this with the Energy Spell as these will conflict with one another, if you want both, start another 3 wish charm with only energizing spells on one and relaxing spells on another.

Intuition- This spell helps to open up your 3rd eye and allow you to have better intuition.

Passion- This spell is designed to give you more romantic passion from your lover. Sex will become more intense and this will open doors to more romance outside the bedroom.

Friendship- This spell is to help strengthen and develop closer relationships between you and those you care about.

Eat healthy- If you are someone who tends to eat junk food, this spell is cast to help you decide to pick healthier options so you can feed your body with food that is worthy of it.

Exercise- This spell is perfect if you are someone who is not a fan of working out. Over time this spell will allow you to actually enjoy exercise and look forward to it.


Some suggestions for different scenarios:


If you are looking to loose weight, I would suggest you put these three on your charm:

  • Energy

  • Eat healthy

  • Exercise


If you are focused on romance, I would suggest you put these three on your charm:

  • Love

  • Passion

  • Friendship


If you want something to give to your child to help them in their life I would get a charm with these on it:

  • Protection

  • Creativity

  • Studying aid


If you are looking for something to help you with emotional well-being, I would get these on your charm:

  • Peace

  • Anti-depression

  • Anti-anxiety


If you want something to help you bring in more money, I would put these on your charm:

  • Patience

  • Inspiration

  • Abundance


Of course pick and choose what you are most drawn to. All of these spells are only for this charm. Even though we have spells like them in other areas on the site (like Anti-depression) they are a different spell written to go on the 3 wishes charm.


Please enter your 3 spells you want in the box to the right along with your name and birth date.

3 Wishes Enchanted Charm