We will use a black 7 day knob candle to cast this break up spell for 7 days. We will be working with one of our spirits who has helped us many times in our voodoo break up hexes we've done in the past. On the 7th and last day we will light a black couple candle along with the last knob. All wax will be buried in a grave yard during the witching hour to put their relationship to rest once and for all. Please send pictures for this and any info and description of the lovers you want to break up.

Here is the questionnaire you need to send to robinlifespirits@gmail.com with the subject line: ATTN Voodoo Team.

Name of person one:

Their Birthdate if known:

Name of person two:

Their Birthdate if known:

Please describe their relationship:

Please let us know why you wish to break them up:

7 Day Voodoo Emergency Break Up Spell