Attraction 7 Day Ritual Candle Spell

Your candle will be hand poured, dressed, and fixed by our Voodoo High Priestess a day before your 7 day casting. She will prey over your customized candle for 7 nights straight. This candle will be infused with reiki energy, as well as the appropriate herbs and oils per your petition for your spell.

This candle is appropriate for these situations:

  • Use to attract a certain person

  • Use to attract wealth, prosperity, abundance, luck and money

  • Attract a new job, a promotion, more clients, and more business

  • Attract new friends, new social opportunities, or fame

  • Use to attract better health and happiness

  • You can increase your own sexual attraction

Please keep in mind that it can be customized to attract several types of people or situations to you, but please pick one subject per candle to not complicate the spell. If you want more than one subject (example you want to attract wealth and a specific person) get more than one candle so that Audra can have two separate spell candles going for you.

Please include your name and date of birth, their name and date of birth (only if you are attracting a specific person), your situation, and petition. Our Voodoo High Priestess will customize your candle for you the night before she starts casting. You will be updated by her after your spell ends to let you know an interpretation of how your casting went as well as any advice she has per your situation if any. Please also include pictures of you and your intended (if you are attracting a specific person) if you have them so she can use them in your casting.

Attraction 7 Day Ritual Candle Spell