This is a great spell if you want to become known for something! It can be used for any reason! Maybe you want to be a famous actress or model? Maybe you want to write an award winning novel or be a screen writer? Maybe you want to be know for some kind of humanitarian work? This is a great spell for you which we will customize to work for your circumstances!

This is the questionnaire you will need to fill out and send to me after your purchase:

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Time of Birth:

Do you have any experience with magick, and if so, was it a good or bad experience:

Please describe your personality:

Please describe what you want to become famous for with as much info as possible (please be specific):

Any other info you feel needs to be included:

Also, if you want, you can send pictures to me through an attachment with your questionnaire so we can use them on the alter with your casting.


This listing does not have anything sent out, but you will be asked to provide a shipping address, just put in your billing address as it is part of the check out process.

Become Famous Spell