Is your living space always a mess? Do those organizational books just become part of the clutter? This is a great spell to help get you motivated and help get rid of that overwhelming feeling you get when ever you look at the mess and wonder where to start! This spell has become a staple for many of the people in my life (my children especially!) and is a great way to help start new GOOD habits! When our living place is cluttered, so is our minds. So it really helps having a nice and clean place when trying to focus on the law of attraction to help boost your other spells.

Please put the answers to these questions in the box to the right, or email them to me!

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Time of Birth (if known):

Do you have any experience with magick, if so, was is a good experience:

What prompted you to get this spell:

How hard is it for you to be organized (please be specific):

Have you ever had other people criticize you over your lack of organization and if so, what was said:

Any thing you think we should know regarding this spell:

Please also send me a picture of you and also if you have a really bad problem like hoarding, please take a picture of the mess so we know exactly what we are dealing with so we can customize this spell for you. This is not required, but helpful!


Please note, you will not receive anything in the mail with this spell but the check out system automatically asks for a shipping address.

Become More Organized Spell