This spell is programmed to have the ability to make you popular and loved by anyone who meets you. This is casted to get you invited to more parties, asked out more by more attractive people, and all the little monetary perks that come with being popular! We will ask on your behalf for these things:

  • You will look more attractive
  • You will be invited to more parties and out with better quality people
  • You will be asked out more by attractive people
  • You will receive more and better gifts on birthdays and holidays
  • People will think you are more humorous
  • People will gravitate to your personality
  • You will be invited on vacation and other fun expensive places more often
  • You will be a better dresser because you will have the ability to get better more expensive clothes
  • If you are shy, you will notice it start to fade
  • You will be more outgoing and willing to find people to hang out with
  • You will get better customer service
  • You will be more able to talk yourself out of tickets or other little problems

Become More Popular Spell