This spell is designed to be used by either sex and will render the wearer of the charm it is on to become seductive, desirable, provocative and sexy. You will notice people are mesmerized by you and want to get your attention when you are wearing your charm. If there is a certain person you are trying to attract, make sure you wear this charm when you are around them to get the best result. It's a very fun spell to have done on your behalf!

You will activate your charm to use in the manner you want once you get it in the mail. Full instructions will be sent with your charm.

Once we get your order, we will cast onto a charm, bless everything, and send your way. Please keep in mind that you won't get any updates with this spell and it can take a couple weeks for your order to get sent off depending on how busy we are.


Become Seductive & Desirable Spell