What is an Enchanted Power Ring?


These Power Rings are almost a year in the making!! They have been cast on many times over during very, very strong manifestation days this year making them pack an immense punch! They all are different with different themes and spells on them, but what is similar is that they have castings from each Full Moon since December 2019, A Lunar and Solar Eclipse Casting, two separate Friday the 13th Castings, Lion's Gate 8/8, The Halloween Blue Moon of this year, and 11/11 casting of this year. We have a total of 19 rings in total and once they are gone, they are gone! The amount of energy and time put into these rings is unbelievable, so if you feel drawn to one, get it now because we are not planning on doing these again!


This listing is for the Bewitching Love & Sex Goddess Ring in a size 8


This ring contains the power of 7 different Goddesses to help you reach ecstasy and fulfillment both in love and in bed . You will embody the characteristics of each Goddesses when you wear the ring which will be bound to your unique aura's DNA with a special spell we will do on your behalf before sending it out to you. Only you will be able to use the ring and the power that comes from it. The more you wear your ring, the stronger your own powers will become and the more changes you will see in your life and in those around you who's energy you will also be able to affect with your bewitching and seductive power.


The Goddesses attached to this ring are:


  • Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty

  • Parvati- Goddess of love and marriage

  • Isis- Goddess of love, marriage, and sex

  • Freyja- Goddess of love, beauty, and attraction

  • Erzulie Freda- Goddess of love and beauty

  • Ishtar- Goddess of love, beauty and sex

  • Rati- Goddess of love, lust, passion and sexual power


Some of the things you'll be able to do with this ring:


  • Attract your target or several targets if you wish

  • Become the ultimate sex goddess

  • Have men and woman both crazy over your beauty and sexual energy

  • Make woman envy and want to be you

  • Make men desire you in all ways

  • Get attention and affection in the form of gifts, wanted attention, and money from men

  • People will see you as exotic and uniquely beautiful

  • Radiate sexual energy

  • Reach the ultimate sexual satisfaction for both yourself and your partner

  • Have your target or targets follow your instructions even without you needing to say a word

  • Obtain attention from anyone who can open doors and give you opportunities for you to take advantage of

  • Get your target to communicate with you whenever, however, and as often as you want

  • Get a commitment from your target

  • Immediately become able to diffuse any hostile or negative situation with your loving energy

  • Help people you love with good advice when it comes to love, romance and sex

  • Use your sexuality to get further in life, especially with online influencing

  • Look younger, more beautiful and have the ability to mold yourself into the perfect body

  • Male people addicted to your presence

  • Have your target worship the ground you walk on

  • Have the upper-hand in all love and friendship situations


With these amazing and powerful Goddesses on your side, you will be able to conjure up many more love, sex, and beauty commands and manifest anything love and romance related. This ring is a one of a kind and will give the owner of it immense power to make all her (or his) love wishes come true!


After you purchase this ring, you will receive a questionnaire to the email you've chosen. We will use this questionnaire to bind your ring to you and seal your spirit to the Goddesses of this ring.

Bewitching Love & Sex Goddess Ring





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