If you feel there is some negative energy at home or you are moving to a new home and want to cleanse the energies from the previous owners, this spell is designed to do just that!

We will send you a small pebble for you to place in each room of the home which will continually cleanse and protect the home from negative and stagnant energies and help encourage a positive and peaceful atmosphere.

Please let me know these things:

Your Full Name:

Your Birth date:

The Address this spell will be done for:

How many rooms (including kitchen, bath, laundry room etc.) so we know how many pebbles you need:

Is this a new home or have you been living here for a while:

How many people will be or are residing at the residence (please list names and DOB if possible):

Have you had any problems in this home and if so, please explain:

What is the main reason why you got this spell:

What do you hope to achieve from this spell:

If you can, please send pictures of the home (outside is ok if that is all you have). Please answer these questions and put the answers in the box to your right or through email to robinlifespirits@gmail.com

Bless A Home Spell