If you are dealing with a uniquely stubborn individual, this spell was created with you in mind. This spell is designed to:

  • Allow them to let down their guard
  • Bring balance and trust
  • Mellow out extremes in their personality
  • Repeal negative thoughts about you
  • Allow them to open up to you
  • Facilitate emotional expression
  • Create emotional security
  • Bring their subconscious to their conscious mind
  • Help negate hesitation
  • Release apprehension
  • Clear emotional blocks
  • Replace fear with love
  • Reduce headstrong and obstructive behavior
  • Release old relationships that might be causing fear and hesitation
  • Open heart to love
  • Helps with indecision

This spell was designed to be a healing spell to help heal any of the problems causing this person to be so stubborn. It is a white magick spell and is designed not to cause harm but to work in harmony with the universe to do good for you and this other person. It can be used in several situations, including with lovers, children, friends, and even co-workers. The possibilities are endless since we can customize it to your circumstances.


Please fill out this questionnaire and put the answers in the box to the right or email it to us at robinlifespirits@gmail.com along with your order number. Remember to send pictures of this person if you have them and please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability.


Also note that this spell does come on a rune. If you would prefer not to get anything in the mail, please let us know ahead of time.




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What is your relationship with them:


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What are you hoping this spell will achieve for you:


Any other info you feel is relevant to this case:

Break Through To A Stubborn Person Rune