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This spell is one of our hallmark spells for ensuring success in business.


This is the perfect spell for you if any of these circumstances fit you:


  • Have a business that you want to become more successful than it currently is right now

  • Are looking to attract more clients to your business or your commissioned based job

  • Are working for commission or working for a business whose success grants you more income

  • Have a online store or business and need more clients or followers

  • Are a social media influencer and need more sponsors, clicks, and/or followers

  • Work for a MLM business model and need more clients and people to sign up under you

  • Have a partner in business and need to make sure they are pulling their weight

  • Want to get more sales, customers, and money in general

  • Want to make sure you get the best prices on business materials and business expenses

  • Want to make sure you get the best tax breaks when it comes to your business

  • Want to ensure you get plenty of lucrative business ideas and marketing plans

  • Have had problems with your business and want to make sure they go away and don't come back

  • Have some bad reviews you want to go away, drop off, or become hard to find for new clients

  • Want to make sure you attract only easy to work with clients who are r