Many people who come to me worry about blocks slowing down or halting their spell work. Blocks can come from several different areas and can be as complex as having bad magick or a curse done on you or as simple as you unknowingly putting blocks on yourself through negative thoughts and actions. People who get a lot of magick done from several different spell casters but have not had results usually can blame a block for it and tend to have a lot of stagnant energy around them from all the past unsuccessful spell work which can add to the block and just slow things down even more. This spell was designed to basically clear out any build ups of energy, negative intentions, and give us a fresh new canvas to work with. It has been very helpful in clearing out old energy and giving spells the ability to come around full circle. Most people can get away with just one casting of this, but difficult situations will need more than one casting to clear everything up. I would suggest for those people to get this casted each month during the full moon till they start to feel better and start to see improvement.

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It is very important to let me know of past spell work, past possible situations that could have given you negative energy, and anything else that could be causing you a block. All and any info is valid!:

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Clean Slate Spell To Remove Blocks