This is a great starter spell since it will get your aura squeaky clean and ready for any magick to start working. You will get a invisable magickal ring of protection that surrounds and protects you aura!

I highly recommend this spell if you are getting any other spell from us since this will make your magickal items and spells work faster. Plus it does also help make you feel better all over (my favorite part!)

I have a necklace with this spell on it that I get recharged each week before I do any spells. I want to make sure my own aura is very strong so that when I do my spells, and I have noticed a lot better results since using it.

So if you yourself do magick, this is an awesome spell to have  while you do your spells.

If you want to just make sure your aura is pure so you can be more open to receive magick works done for you, this is perfect for that as well.

It is also perfect for people who just know they have had bad luck and feel icky and would like to make sure their aura is clean so they can start focusing on accepting more positive energies!


Cleanse Your Aura Spell