This $100 Bill Charm is meant to make you a magnet to money. It will clear away any blocks that have been preventing money from coming your way and will instead open all doors and pathways to let prosperity and abundance flow your way. There is an over abundance of wealth in this world, so it is very easy for you to get in on that piece of the money pie, you just need to make sure that anything that could be blocking you from coming to the table (yourself included) is taken care of first. This is the perfect spell to have done to make sure you are clear of blocks and ready to receive.


Please copy and paste the included questionnaire in a email ( to me. Answer all questions to the best of your ability and please include a picture of yourself for our alter when we cast for even better results.


Your Full Name:

Your Date of Birth:

What is Your Desired Outcome With This Spell:

Are You Willing to Use the Law of Attraction to Help Your Spell Manifest For You:


*Please note that this charm does not come with a chain, but you can add one on for $5.00.

Clear Away Money Blocks and Open Opportunity Charm